Just a few random thoughts and pictures

About this site, and me

Hi. My name is Dev and I’m a David Tennant addict, and a Chris Eccleston addict, and a…..

At least that’s what my husband keeps telling me. Oh and don’t let the occasionally male avatar confuse you, I am female.

Anyway, on this blog you’ll find an assortment of random comments depending on my mood, and a few pictures too, although if I’m honest most of those will be of David or Chris.

My time is sometimes limited, so you may have to wait a little while for me to get here to moderate your first comment, but future comments will go straight through. In addition to posting comments, you can find me through Twitteror you can get in touch directly via the contact form.

Many of my posts contain pictures, graphics, YouTube vids etc. These will always be behind a page break to ensure the site loads quickly for everyone, and will always be G rated unless specifically marked as NSFW. Enjoy.

The small print.
As with all personal blogs, all views expressed here are my own personal opinions, or those of the people commenting, unless otherwise specified. This site has no official links to any persons or organisations.

Random Quote

“Agatha Christie!

I was just talking about you the other day. I said, “I bet she’s brilliant”. I’m the Doctor and this is Donna.

Oh, I love your stuff! What a mind! You fool me every time. Well…almost every time. Well…once or twice. Well…once. But it was a good once.”

The Tenth Doctor The Unicorn and the Wasp