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Another e-book offer….

Continuing my random e-book review/offer posts, this one is another good deal, if you’re a fan of contemporary romance.

Again this is an assorted authors box-set, featuring 10 books for less than half the price of just one of the books it contains…..

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E-book offer….

Continuing my random e-book review/offer posts, this one is a very good deal, if you’re a fan of the alpha billionaires genre.

This time it’s an assorted authors box-set, featuring 12 books for less than the cost of just one of the books it contains…..

Men of the Zodiac Boxed Set
12 months. 12 men. 12 fantasies come true.

Success, power, and money…these men have it all. Whether you swoon for a crowned prince, melt for a real estate mogul, or get hot and bothered over a self-made powerhouse, the Men of Zodiac bundle will indulge all of your fantasies.

Impulse Control by Amanda Usen
The Millionaire’s Deception by Wendy Byrne
The Millionaire’s Forever by Sonya Weiss
Ten Days in Tuscany by Annie Seaton
The Millionaire Daddy Project by Roxanne Snopek
Revenge Best Served Hot by Jackie Braun
The Prince’s Runaway Lover by Robin Covington
The Colonel’s Daughter by Amy Andrews
One Night with the Billionaire by Sarah Ballance
The Greek Tycoon’s Tarnished Bride by Rachel Lyndhurst
Blurring the Lines by Marisa Cleveland
Her Sworn Enemy by Theresa Meyers

Each book is also available individually, though they’re currently priced at around three times what this box-set will cost you, so even if you only love one or two out of the 12 (and having read less than half of them so far I don’t see how that could happen, since I’m loving them) you’re still getting a bargain.

Current price on Amazon UK is ÂŁ0.99, and it’s a similar price on Amazon US. Enjoy.

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Free e-books….

It’s clear from the response to my occasional book reviews that some of you share my tastes at times, despite my tastes being rather varied. That being the case, I thought I’d pass along the details of a couple of free books, in case any of you fancy grabbing them….. Continue reading

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Fancy a Sheikh, or four?

Continuing my random e-book review/offer posts, this one is a pretty good deal….

Author Clare Connelly, who writes exclusively about hot sheikhs and bad boy billionaires, has a box-set of FOUR of her sheikhs books available, for a limited time at the price you’d normally pay for just one.

To quote the email she sent out to her mailing list;

Lose yourself in these steamy tales of love and lust …

Sultry desert days, and long star-lit nights … Four kings of the land; powerful, dynamic, wealthy and used to getting everything in life they desire, will finally learn that there are some forces more powerful than they.

Charged with drama, tension, mystery and romance, these exotic tales will set your soul on fire.

Previously published as individual titles, Desert Kings brings together four of Clare Connelly’s most cherished Sheikh stories:


Prepare to lose yourself to the untamed magic of the desert, and the elemental men who rule it.”

This offer will only be available for the next four days, so if this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you should grab it now.

You can find it at Amazon US and Amazon UK.


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Regency Romance?

Given the responses from some of you to my e-book reviews, it’s clear there are some who like to read similar stuff and appreciate getting suggestions, so….

One of the Regency Romance authors I follow sent out a message earlier, about a range of e-books that are on special offer for the coming week, and most are only $0.99. All those included in the offer fit into the “Historical Romance” category, so hopefully there will be something you’ll like.

My personal recommendation would be to check out Once Upon A Duke by Eva Devon (the first in the Dukes’ Club series, although it might be cheaper in the long term to buy the boxset of the first three books if you’re really interested) and A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn Macnamara, since I’m familiar with both authors, have read both books, and they’re good stuff. The rest, well you take your chances.

More info, along with links to various versions, such as kindle, ibook, kobo etc, is HERE.

Enjoy 🙂

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