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So, I finally dug my way out….

Weeell, when I say I’ve dug my way out, what I mean is my assorted in-boxes are no longer looking quite so terrifyingly overflowing as they did when we first got back from our trip. It might take me a bit longer to actually catch up, assuming I ever do, since I’m always behind at the best of times.

And now I’m babbling, which I completely blame on Ten. I think he’s trying to influence me to include him in this weeks post, but he’s out of luck because I’m done choosing pics, and he’s not among them, for once. So, erm, pics… Continue reading

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So, that’s where it comes from…

Yes, I’m actually posting, on an actual Tuxday, though there’s only going to be one tux in the pics under the cut, because I got terribly distracted by pics from back in 2003 a few days ago… Continue reading

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Smiles anyone?

I decided my day needed some random smiles, and they don’t come much more random than this lot… Continue reading

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Totally tux-less Tuxday…

Just for a change, there’s not a tux in sight, not a proper one anyway, although there are plenty of smart black suits… Continue reading

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Review of Much Ado About Nothing…

As promised, here’s a review of the play, kindly written for me by my wonderful man, since he’s less less likely to squee than me and knows lots of big words… Continue reading

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I’ll just lie here a while…

Hi everyone.

Just a quick note while I have the chance using hubby’s net-book.. I am officially an idiot you see. Having carefully packed my lovely little tablet PC to bring with me, I left the damn power cable at home *shakes head* and I didn’t realise until I’d almost killed the battery by reading stuff on the train on the way down.

Oh well, I guess that just means my post once I’m home again will be longer, lol. For now I just want to say that I am incredibly grateful to my livejournal friend beachy_geek. Without her kindness and generosity, I would not have had the chance to see DT and CT together on stage. (warning, I may gush more on this subject later)

Oh, you all want to know about the play? There will be a review, once hubby and I get home and we’re more organised etc, I promise. In fact it’s already mostly written. All I’ll say for now though is this; that no matter how many spoilers I’d heard about the costume before hand, nothing could ever have prepared me for DT’s crotch gyrating just feet from my face. And the photos of him in the dress uniform? Not a patch on seeing it up close.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a train to fall asleep on…….

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Official MAAN pics…

I know I’m late sharing these, but it’s the first chance I’ve had since I spotted them, sorry. I’m sure you’ll forgive me though, even if you have already seen them, and if you haven’t take a deep breath now, you may need it… Continue reading

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Not quite a Caturday…

Well yes it is Caturday, but I’m not doing my usual cheez-filled post since I do actually have some stuff for you other than cats… Continue reading

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A little news…

There hasn’t been much around lately that you could genuinely call news, unless you include the various articles about baby Tennant, none of which have yet been supported by any actual facts… Continue reading

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If he ever, ever…

Seriously, if my hubby ever, ever calls me a nerd/geek again I may have to take offence. Because I think ladies we have all been outdone… Continue reading

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