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Fancy some pics?

I definitely fancy some, specially since my life keeps getting in the way of my lusting time lately, which is very much not on. I’m also still having issues with Photobucket, so my apologies for any pics that have vanished from older posts, as it seems PB has somehow broken the links to some of my older images… Continue reading

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It’s Tuxday again? already?

That week rather flew by, although I guess that was the germs, since a few days sort of melded into one in my poor germ filled brain. Anyway, let’s get to some pics shall we? Continue reading

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Tux’s galore…

Well maybe not galore, but there’s a few as there always is. although as I mentioned last week, I’m gradually running out of pictures folks, so if you have any… Continue reading

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A Tuxday without me…

Hi ladies 🙂 I’m leaving this here for you all to find as I’ll be out most of today. I’m meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen for months, which probably means lots of beer so I might not be capable of joining you all later either, lol, but I’m sure you’ll cope. Do feel free to tweet about it, those that do that is… Continue reading

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