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Neither Tuesday, nor tux’s…

I’m pretty sure those of you who aren’t desperately reaching for a razor will forgive me though… Continue reading

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Happy Birthday David…

I could claim I didn’t post anything earlier this week because I was saving it for today, but the truth is I have a horrible cold and haven’t been online much due to sleeping, and lounging on the sofa whimpering pathetically. Still, I’m here now, so…

Since it is his birthday, here’s a random assortment covering various roles he’s had over the years…

The Glass Menagerie


Fright night

The Decoy Bride



The Herbal Bed

The Minor Character

Single Father

And finally, because we can’t have a post like this without Ten;


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Tuesday cravings…

I’m having another craving, and was already considering running with it…

and then I saw some screen-caps over on tumblr courtesy of tennant_untitled, and well, my mind was made up… Continue reading

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There’s nothing like a bit of publicity huh?

And so it begins. (Sorry, had a B5 moment there) Today see’s several supposed “news” outlets featuring a story criticising the new BBC drama United… Continue reading

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It’s not my fault, I swear…….

I was simply bored. Hubby is working one of his rare day shifts today, which has left me at home alone (aside from the cats) with little to do but indulge my addiction. So I’ve been off wandering the net and found some rather nice pictures.

Please note, whilst none of the pics are excessively explicit, as I haven’t included THAT one, they may be considered by your boss to be NSFW, you have been warned…… Continue reading

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