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Random DT, just because….

Well actually it’s mostly because I haven’t posted much of anything lately and I feel rather bad about that.

So, here’s some DT pics, to brighten up a rather cold day…. Continue reading

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So, I finally dug my way out….

Weeell, when I say I’ve dug my way out, what I mean is my assorted in-boxes are no longer looking quite so terrifyingly overflowing as they did when we first got back from our trip. It might take me a bit longer to actually catch up, assuming I ever do, since I’m always behind at the best of times.

And now I’m babbling, which I completely blame on Ten. I think he’s trying to influence me to include him in this weeks post, but he’s out of luck because I’m done choosing pics, and he’s not among them, for once. So, erm, pics… Continue reading

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So, that’s where it comes from…

Yes, I’m actually posting, on an actual Tuxday, though there’s only going to be one tux in the pics under the cut, because I got terribly distracted by pics from back in 2003 a few days ago… Continue reading

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Not even remotely Tuesday…

I’m not going to even try to pretend I intended this to be a Tuesday post, since you all know I was nowhere near home on the day, and therefore also nowhere near my stash of pics either…. Continue reading

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Yes, I know what day it is….

As most of you will of course know, I’ve just spent several very frustrating days without any net connection, and may never properly catch up again, so you can hardly expect me to actually post on time, surely?

I did find a way to amuse myself during my temporary exile though. I had previously downloaded the Cloisters series of Ten/Rose stories by the very talented, and very lovely, wildwinterwitch. Even though I’d read them before, it was some time ago for several of the older stories, so I spent much of my time rereading the entire series from start to finish, and they most definitely distracted me from my woes for a while.

Anyway, you want pics, right? Let’s get to that then, oh but, no theme of any sort this week, just ones that’s caught my attention, and the first is a guest pic, snagged from my friend firthy… Continue reading

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