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Want a Tardis?

Well if you’ve got some cash to spare, I know where you can get your hands on one……….. Continue reading

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I think it might be a good week….

Yes, definitely going well so far. Certainly better than some I’ve had lately that’s for sure. On Monday I made a friends girlfriend look a little jealous, and on Tuesday I took delivery of a parcel that made me squee like the fangirl I am, and discovered there’s another one on the way that’s gonna make me *thud* excessively, or so Im told…… Continue reading

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How many Doctors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

It’s a bank holiday, I’m hung over, and feeling like going back to bed. Instead, here I am trying to find something witty to say to go with that title, which seemed like a good start when I wrote it, but I’m failing miserably, so as I so often do as a last resort, I headed off to Cheezburger again……….

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