Just a few random thoughts and pictures

So, pics?

I decided to continue what I started last week, and stick to pics from one show/film etc again this week.

While Casanova itself might not be at the top of everyone’s “favourites” list, and there are of course the blue contacts that freak out some fans, the pretty in the promo shots cannot be denied, so… Continue reading

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Happy Birthday David…

I could claim I didn’t post anything earlier this week because I was saving it for today, but the truth is I have a horrible cold and haven’t been online much due to sleeping, and lounging on the sofa whimpering pathetically. Still, I’m here now, so…

Since it is his birthday, here’s a random assortment covering various roles he’s had over the years…

The Glass Menagerie


Fright night

The Decoy Bride



The Herbal Bed

The Minor Character

Single Father

And finally, because we can’t have a post like this without Ten;


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It was Thursday when I started this…

I got a bit distracted looking through my pictures, and frankly forgot what I was meant to be doing, then went for a snack, and, well I’m posting now, okay? Continue reading

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Happy Birthday David…

It might not be Monday where you are yet, or it might have been for hours now, but since he’s in the UK, I’m working to UK time here and it’s definitely well past midnight… Continue reading

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A quick round-up…

Hi folks, sorry I’m running so late again this week. Things have been a bit hectic in the Dev household for a number of reasons, which I wont bore you with… Continue reading

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What’s on this week then?

Well, I intend to sit down at some point this week and watch the DVD hubby spent such a lot of time and energy tracking down for my birthday, but that’s not all… Continue reading

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And another week begins…

This one see’s hubby with toothache, which is not good as grouchy men are never any fun as I’m sure you’ll all agree… Continue reading

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I’m getting later…

Sorry, again. I’ve been off into our nearest town wandering around shop most of the day today so I simply haven’t had chance to get online till now… Continue reading

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Single Father and then some…

Yes, as you’d expect, today is another day devoted to Single Father, since there’s sooo much content on the net right now…

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DT’s on TV, a lot………

I’ve realised something today, our postman (or woman) doesn’t understand the basic principles behind that fascinating invention, the doorbell.

He, or she, seems wholly incapable of simply pressing a button to announce his, or her, arrival. As such I have, today alone, missed the attempted delivery of THREE parcels. I am NOT a happy bunny right now, So it’s probably a good thing I already had most of this typed up and ready to go.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I was browsing through the TV listings, and it looks like DT is getting some serious air time in the UK during the coming weeks, and it’s mostly NOT Doctor Who that’s on, so grab a pen……..

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