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Want a free game?

No really, I’m giving away free games!

I’ve been a member of Big Fish Games for more years than I care to admit to, and in recent years I’ve also been a subscriber. What this means is that for a small monthly fee I earn one “Game Credit” per month (which covers the cost of a single game), and get all games at a reduced price.

The thing is, during the last year I haven’t been cashing in my credits as often as I used to, so they’ve built up. Thankfully, while I continue subscribing they’ll never expire, so they’ve just sat there on my account. The thing is, as I’ve not cashed in the ones I’ve already got, and every month I keep paying I’m earning another, I’m not sure I’ll use them all up any time soon. But if I simply stop subscribing to prevent more building up (and save myself the monthly fee), the ones I’ve already got will acquire an “expiration date”.

Since I really would like to save myself that monthly fee, the only alternative to them simply expiring if I don’t use them up myself, is to send them out as Gift Certificates to my friends. So, since we’re approaching the festive season, and I know some of my friends/followers either like to play games themselves, or have children of their own, or nieces/nephews they might like to treat, I’ve decided now is a good time to give some of my credits away.

The technical details;

1. Gift Certificates DO NOT expire, and each one covers the full purchase price of any standard PC or MAC game (not Collector’s Edition games though, as those are more expensive).
2. To Redeem one, you DO need to sign into the Big Fish Games site, so you will need to create a Big Fish account if you don’t already have one.
3. Creating an account is FREE, you do NOT need to agree to any additional purchases, nor must you subscribe.
4. They are an international site, so friends/followers outside the UK CAN use these Gift Certificates.


So, Do you want one?

If you do, I will of course need your email address, so please don’t leave me a public message. Just send me a private message via Tumblr, Twitter, Livejournal etc, or you can even use the Contact Me form on my WordPress blog if you wish.

I have half a dozen to give away, and you have until the end of November to get in touch.

So, what are you waiting for?

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