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Gee thanks Photobucket….

For those not yet aware, PB have yet again pulled the rug out from under their user-base, only this time it’s not just users suffering, it’s affecting half the web it seems. Oh and yes, I am likely to get a bit ranty during this post….

At the end of last month, PB changed their terms, with no warning to anyone (and no, mentioning it in passing buried at the bottom of a blog post a week after it took effect does NOT count as a warning) and now the effects of that change are finally hitting the web as it starts to fully roll out, and what effects they are.

100’s of 1,000’s of images all over the net are being replaced with this little beauty;

As a result, blog posts, forums, websites, Ebay listings, Amazon sales listings, and 100’s of others now have what is essentially a broken link where their images should be. The only way to fix these “broken” images, is to, as the graphic says, “update” your account.

Basically they’ve changed their entire business model, as the only packages available now are as follows;

Free – 2 GB of storage. That’s all it is though, storage, nothing more. There’s also an ad-free version of this, which costs $2.49 a month, which simply removes the ads and gives you nothing extra.

Plus 50 – 52GB of Storage. This costs $59.99 per year, and again, it’s just storage, nothing more.

Plus 100 – 102GB of Storage. This costs $99.99 per year but includes unlimited linking. Which means you can post links to your pics elsewhere, but only links, forcing anyone who wants to see your pics to visit PB and be hounded by ads.

Plus 500 – 502GB of Storage. This one costs a whopping $399.99 per year, and includes unlimited linking and unlimited 3rd party hosting (that’s image embedding to you and me).

What all of this means is that if you store your pics at PB, and want to post them, ANYWHERE, you now have to pay for the top package at $400 per year. Anyone currently on a paid package does get to keep their existing “features” for a further year, as long as their payment plan doesn’t expire, but after that they too will have to swap to the $400 per year plan to keep using the services they’re currently getting for $30-$50.

Needless to say it’s pretty unlikely many will take up this “offer”, meaning the vast majority of image heavy posts all across the net will remain broken, and essentially useless, and others will “break” as the paid services of those who posted them expire. It’s especially annoying for those who run forums, blogs etc where other people contribute content, since in many cases the blog/forum owner cannot edit another users posts, and therefore can’t fix them even if they wanted to.

And yes, this means many of my older posts here (and elsewhere) are now broken, and the only way I can fix them is to either pay PB (which is a big “Hell No!”) or upload all those pics elsewhere, and then go back and edit every one of those posts with new versions of the pics. I have neither the time, nor the energy to even contemplate that course of action, never mind the energy to actually do it.

So yes, I’m looking at alternative pic hosting options for the future, and no I wont be fixing any old posts that are now broken, sorry. I can still access my pics on PB even if I can’t post them, and most are backed up on my hard-drive anyway, so if there’s a particular pic you wanted, let me know and I’ll dig a copy out for you, if I can find it.

For now, I’m off back to reading the T’s & C’s of yet more image hosting sites, and trying to work out which ones really do offer what they sound like they offer.

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  1. End of an era, certainly. For now I’ve got a few images on Google Drive, but that won’t work for everything, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do long-term for the places where I need an image hosted externally. I thought Flickr would be an option – but I can’t make heads or tails of their site!

    Comment by Penelope Peters | July 9, 2017

    • In the last couple of days I’ve read through more versions of almost identical T’s & C’s than I even though could exist, and almost all off them claim to offer stuff, then put limits on use when you look in the “rules”. Incidentally, Flickr is owned by yahoo, which is probably not a plus for many people. I looked at Imgur too, but while they claim you can “hot-link” your pics, their “terms” clearly state you can’t use them purely for storage just so you can post pics elsewhere, they expect you to be active ON Imgur, so that’s out too.

      Thank goodness I still have my paid lj to fall back on for now, 100GB goes a fair way to covering my immediate needs 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | July 10, 2017

  2. Wow, I didn’t know about that. Guess I just consign my PB account to the dustbin of history! I rarely use it now anyway, but it was a handy fallback for some forum sites.

    Comment by ownedbyrats | July 9, 2017

    • It’s certainly made itself completely useless to me as a service. And yes, it’s always been the “go to” for many forum sites and similar places. The amount or ruined posts around the net if horrifying, years of work gone. And there’s no way for forum owners to fix it themselves, because in most cases they can’t even edit member posts.

      Comment by develish1 | July 10, 2017

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