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Happy AND Confused? Must be Friday…..

I seem to be in an odd mood today. I’m happy about the message I got yesterday from the site owner over at Aimoo, and confused by a picture I found over at Cheezburger. Let me explain……. Continue reading

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It’s a bit bright, but……..

I was bored earlier, so I’ve been messing around creating a new theme to submit for the library over at Aimoo, and I thought I’d share……… Continue reading

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Thank @%$£ it’s Friday……….

I’m in two minds about what to post today really. I’d like to rant about something, but I feel I’ve been altogether too serious in here lately and should maybe lighten the mood a bit. So I think I’ll save the rant for next week in the hopes the issue will resolve itself, although I doubt that very much since it involves a national company who doesn’t want to honour it’s own agreements with it’s employees. For today though, a little self promotion, and a few yummy pictures………. Continue reading

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