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It’s clear from the response to my occasional book reviews that some of you share my tastes at times, despite my tastes being rather varied. That being the case, I thought I’d pass along the details of a couple of free books, in case any of you fancy grabbing them…..

First, for those who like the men in their reading material of the rich and hot variety, why not try this one;

The Billionaire’s Christmas Revenge (Casacelli Family Saga Book 1) by Clare Connelly
“When Niko Casacelli learned of his wife’s affair, he had no choice but to end their marriage. Niko was not the kind of man to play second fiddle to anyone. He might have loved her once, but her deception put an end to that, and he was glad to see her go. So, when Bianca Scott-Lee arrives on his doorstep begging him to pretend to be married for one last Christmas, he wants to tell her to go to hell. Only he doesn’t. Their marriage was a mistake, but Niko discovers he’s willing to go to any lengths to get her back in his bed, even if it is just for the holidays.”

This will be free for a limited time (September 16 – 19 East Coast USA time) for those using a Kindle or the Kindle app. Amazon UK Amazon US

And if that grabs you, you can get books 2, 3 and 4 individually for £0.99 each ($1.32 I think) or you can get the box-set of all four books for £2.29 ($3.04)


If however, your tastes tend more towards the Omega Verse and it’s M/M pairings, as I mentioned in an earlier post HERE, then you might like this;

The Country Omega (The Downing Cycle Book 1) by Penelope Peters


Omega Ethan Downing doesn’t want a mate. He wants to play his piano and travel the world. But with his acceptance to a prestigious musical conservatory hanging in the balance – and an ex who won’t take “no” for a hint – Ethan’s father arranges a bonding with an alpha neither of them have ever met.

Alpha Antonio Valdez’s life is perfect. He has the career, the money, the looks. In fact, he’d be perfectly happy never to bond at all. When his overbearing father arranges a bonding for him, he’s ready to find every excuse in the world not to go through with it.

One meeting changes both Ethan’s and Antonio’s minds. Too bad their fathers have also changed theirs. Now Ethan and Antonio have to fight for something they never even dreamed they wanted: each other.

The Country Omega is the first book in a three-part series set in the Omegaverse. It is a non-shifter, paranormal world in which mpreg is a possibility (but does not occur in this story).”

To celebrate the authors birthday, this one is also free for a limited time (September 15-18) i.e. now. Amazon UK Amazon US

Happy Reading 🙂


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