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Are Photobucket trying to lose customers?

I feel a rant coming on, which means I’m going to subject all of you to it too. Please feel free to wander off now if you don’t want to hear about my latest round of “fun” with Photobucket….

About a month ago I uploaded a few pics to one of my Photobucket folders, then posted them somewhere. I noticed after I’d done so that the posted version was smaller than it should be. Thinking it was the site I was posting at (since it WAS lj and we all now how difficult that can be at times) I tried posting it at a few other places too. I got the same result everywhere I tried.

So, I went back and checked the original version stored on my PC’s hard-drive, then downloaded the supposed “original” copy from Photobucket so I could compare the two. The downloaded version was indeed smaller than my original image.

I of course tried deleting it from PB and re-uploading it to see if this would fix the issue. You guessed it, it didn’t. I then tried with a different browser, and also tried with all my browser ad-ons disabled too, because I’m aware that those things can sometimes negatively affect the functionality of certain sites.

None of these things made any difference of course, so my next course of action was clear, contact PB and ask them what the heck was going on. After titling my query “The uploader is resizing my ORIGINAL images” I first asked why I couldn’t link to the original image, despite the site giving me a link that supposedly goes TO that version of the image, and then asked where exactly my original was, since when I attempted to download it again all I got was a smaller re-sized version. I of course included a link to one of the affected images, so they could check it for themselves.

The first response I got came almost a week later, and was of no use, because aside from advising me that “free users” cannot link to original images due to recent changes, and trying to sell me an upgrade to a paid plan (something I know to be a lie since I CAN still link to the originals of older images), it also assured me that I could still download my original if I chose to do so.

I of course replied reminding them that, as stated in my initial message, I had ALREADY attempted to download my original, in order to ensure it was in fact unchanged, but that what I got when I did so was a re-sized version, even though the file name claimed it to be the original version of the image. Given this, I asked, how was I meant to download it at its original size since it appeared it wasn’t actually THERE?

The reply to this asked me for……….wait for it……….a link to the affected image so they could check it.

It was at this point that the swearing began in earnest, since I had already given them this information in my very first message to them.

Since I was clearly dealing with an idiot who was not actually reading my earlier messages and was simply replying with cut and pastes responses, I tried yet again. This time I sent an extremely detailed message, quoting THREE different image links, their original file sizes, and the sizes they’d downloaded at on that day, which were all smaller than they should have been. I also included a link to a much older image that DOES still download at it’s correct size.

After yet another week of waiting for a response I got the following message;

Thank you for the additional information. I will forward this to our engineering team, who is currently working on this issue that you are having. This is a known issue affect several user accounts, and we are working hard to find a resolution. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and have a nice day!

So, having wasted countless time over the space of more than three weeks arguing with me and claiming there was nothing wrong, they’ve finally admitted there IS a problem, and they ALREADY knew about it. They have not however responded to my last message to them, which asked whether or not they even still HAVE my originals.

So, to end, it’s clear (as if I even needed reminding) that PB’s customer service is frankly crap! And thank goodness I back-up my originals on an external hard-drive, as well as on my PC’s hard-drive, because it most definitely looks like PB has NOT stored them properly, and if I didn’t have them stored elsewhere I’d almost certainly have lost the lot.

Consider this a warning if you don’t already back things up in multiples places. If not, start doing so, now!


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