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Another book I’m NOT recommending…

For those still interested in hearing about what I’ve recently read and my thoughts on it, here’s the latest instalment…and this time I am definitely NOT recommending it.

Note, all my reviews tend to contain at least minor spoilers, though I do try to keep them to a minimum…..

Book details: The Sheikh’s Forbidden Bride by Cara Albany (no link, but if you feel the need to torture yourself it’s available on Amazon) This one isn’t exactly clean, though there’s no overt smut.
My Rating: 1 star. (because that’s the lowest rating Amazon will allow)
Summary: A Second Chance For The Sheikh To Claim His Lost Love. Feisty and determined, Chloe Stirling had once loved and lost Sheikh Zayed Al Kharif. But that is all in the past now. Or, is it? Chloe’s work brings her to Zayed’s kingdom where she must find a way to resist a former lover who will not be denied.
Zayed is an untamed Sheikh determined not to waste this chance to possess the only woman he has ever loved. Forced to abandon her once before, he’s not about to make the same mistake again. He will use everything he can to win her back, even if Chloe is determined to deny him a second chance. Can Zayed seize his second chance at love, and overcome the barriers to finding a happy ever after with a woman who is now so close to becoming the love of his life?

I found myself yet again wondering if I’d just read the same book as those who left previous reviews did, given the number of 4 and 5 star reviews it seems to have.

Spoilers ahead….

First, the title and summary make it sound like the H/h will have to work to overcome obstacles in order to get their HEA. From the title alone I was expecting at the very least something of a battle with his family, either over an arranged marriage, or them simply forbidding him to marry her due to her differing status. What I actually got was some background suggestions that his father was arranging a marriage for him, followed by a single conversation (in which the H admits his love for the h in front of his entire family), at which point his father instantly backs down. So, she wasn’t such a “Forbidden Bride” after all.

The only obstacle to them being together actually stems from their own stupidity. He wont tell her why he left America in such a hurry, and there’s never a reason given regarding why he wont tell her, and she just keeps rejecting him because she assumes that he doesn’t really care for her and that they have no future. That, in a nutshell, is the entire plot.

And then there’s the repetition. Every time he moves closer, she caves a bit, leading him on, then rejects him. Each time she does this she has an almost identical mental debate about it, which becomes wearing after the first few times.

The constant use of the characters names in the text is also annoying, in that it completely ruins the flow of the narrative. Before starting this review I picked a page at random and counted how many time each lead characters name appeared on the page. The H’s name appeared 12 times, with the h’s popping up a total of SEVENTEEN times. All of this occurred during a section of the book in which they are completely alone out in the dessert, meaning there was little need to use their names at all.

As an example, here is a very short quote from that page;

“Chloe paused and finally took the flask, lifting the top to her mouth. She poured the cool water into her mouth, feeling the immediate rush of relief throughout her body at the welcome fluid. Holding the flask to her mouth Chloe glanced at Zayed and saw that he was watching her, savoring the spectacle of Chloe drawing the refreshing liquid into herself. By the look of relish on Zayed’s face it looked as if he was having difficulty controlling himself while watching Chloe.”

Anyway, having forced myself to read it through to the end, I can honestly say it’s one of the worst books I’ve read in recent years. I certainly wont be rushing to read anything else from this author in the future.



Since compiling this review for Amazon, I have (rather foolishly) read the first chapter of the next book in the series, since I had it anyway, in the hope that there might be an improvement in the writing quality.

There wasn’t.

I will NOT be reading any more.


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