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Since it seems at least some of my followers are interested in hearing about what I’ve recently read and my thoughts on it, here’s the latest instalment…(I admit there are others I forgot to cross post here, but I’ll add those later is anyone wants to see them?)

Note, all my reviews tend to contain at least minor spoilers, though I do try to keep them to a minimum.

Book details: The Omega Nanny by Penelope Peters (link is to Amazon UK though it’s also available on .com) This one definitely has some smut, so you’re probably not safe reading it at work.
My Rating: 4 stars. (With a small proviso)
Summary: Alpha Thomas Whittaker needs a nanny. Single dad Thomas Whittaker loves work, his daughter, and coffee – not always in that order. Romance hasn’t been on his mind since his mate died six years ago. When his sister hires the cute busboy from Thomas’s favorite coffee shop as the new nanny, he’s just amused. Until he finds out that the busboy is an omega.
Omega Kieran Corvey needs a job. Kieran Corvey is newly single, almost homeless – and determined to pay back every cent his parents spent on an engagement that went nowhere. Kieran needs money more than he needs a love life. Being hired to take care of a six-year-old girl is much better than shilling coffee to thirsty and lusty customers all day. Until he finds out his new employer is an alpha.
Sometimes you find exactly what you need when you’re not looking for it at all. (This is a stand alone, and not part of her Downing Cycle Series)

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I’m actually a little torn about my rating, because after reading this only once, and coming at it from a starting point of knowing next to nothing about the Omegaverse, I admit it didn’t draw me in as much as I’d hoped it would. I’ve read M/M fiction before of course, I wouldn’t even have considered this if I didn’t have some interest in that style of writing, but some of the societal and biological quirks that go along with this specific universe did jar with me initially, and as a result I was distracted by them at times, instead of fully immersed in the story.

That said though, there were things I very much liked. I particularly loved Kieran, who was such a sweet guy, but so confused and struggling to differentiate between his actual feelings, and the pull of biology. Jessie too was utterly adorable, in a precocious kind of way, and I loved her building relationship with Kieran. They clearly clicked right away and it worked beautifully. At times she seemed a bit older in her attitudes than her stated age, but she’s clearly an Alpha in the making, so I could forgive that.

Thomas I had a little more trouble with. At times I really couldn’t figure out how he was feeling, and thus find something to relate to, and I think that that in part is because of Felicity. Without giving too many spoilers, I honestly could have done without her. I’d have much rather seen him with an internal monologue, arguing with himself as to how to proceed etc. Admittedly, without Felicity, the really cute scene where Jessie watches Thomas and Kieran leave after the wedding wouldn’t have worked, but for the most part I found her more annoying than helpful. That’s just personal preference of course, probably because I’m used to characters who work out their feelings/motivations etc using the standard internal monologue.

The main point though, is would I recommend this book, right? If you’re already a fan of the Omegaverse, then yes, absolutely, it’s a great read despite my somewhat negative sounding comments. If you’ve never even heard of the Omegaverse, then I’m not so sure this is for you, as some of the quirks of the ‘verse might distract you the same way they did me initially, and affect your enjoyment.

The final word: this IS a good story, with solid main characters, plenty of interesting minor characters, and a fun, if slightly predictable plot. The writing is good, I noticed no errors in grammar (which is a huge annoyance for me normally) and I suspect I will now read it again, as I’m sure that now I’m more familiar with the universe in general, I’ll enjoy the story more on a second read.

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