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Book review – A Christmas Seduction

Since it seems at least some of my followers are interested in hearing about what I’ve recently read and my thoughts on it, I thought I’d share my latest review of yet another book-bundle. I actually read this just last night while hugging a hot water bottle, lol.

Anyway, this one is definitely more of a recommendation than a warning to avoid…Note, all my reviews tend to contain at least minor spoilers, though I do try to keep them to a minimum.

Book details: A Christmas Seduction by Kristin Vayden, Nadine Millard and Rachel Van Dyken (link is to Amazon UK though it’s also available elsewhere) This is a “sweet” romance, no smut, though there is some nudity in the the final story.
My Rating: 4 stars. The only reason it didn’t get five was that it was a little predictable, and a bit repetitive in places.
Summary: Stuck. In a house with their childhood nemesis’, The Earl of Ashbury and his brothers have no choice but to put on a brave face, after all, how many times have the sisters “who shall not be named” nearly killed them? They had a plan. A good plan. One of avoidance, and possible fake illnesses if necessary. Instead, the minute the men set eyes on the women, their plan changes from making war–to love.

It’s a classic trope, boy and girl grow up around each, other, constantly fighting and teasing, with all the classic pranks of letting loose frogs and spiking drinks with ink etc, until they finally work out they’ve actually been sparring all this time because they’re so fond of each other. Yes you’ve probably read it before, though at least this one has the twist of it being about three brothers and three sisters, who’ve been teaming up to fight each other since they were children. This time though, it’s been 3 years since they last saw each other, so things turn out quite different than any of them expect.

As was pointed out by another reviewer, this book does have some faults. The apparent difference in ages between the sexes (the brothers each seem to be about 4 or 5 years older than each of the sisters), makes the initial premise of them “playing” together as children seem a bit unlikely. Knowing what brothers are like though (especially when more than one gets together) I don’t have as much trouble as the other reviewer does thinking that they’d happily tease younger girls, and that those girls would most certainly band together and fight back equally hard. As for this teasing fighting continuing into adulthood (the youngest of all, one of the girls, was I think 17 at their last meeting); again I could accept this, because if it’s all you’ve ever done around each other it’s a very tough habit to break, even when you’re meant to be an adult, and of course they were clearly all egging each other on.

Because this is three books which all interlink, subsequent stories happens in part during the time frame of the previous one, and in part after it has ended, so there is a certain amount of repetition of plot points and dialogue. I can’t see any way the writers could have avoided that though, and still linked the stories together so seamlessly. In many cases they did at least try to cover the repeated scenes from a different personPOV, which helped make it less off-putting, to me at least.

Of course, to the purists, the fact that the unmarried parties would not only be allowed, but encouraged, to spend time together alone might strike a bad cord since this is Regency Era based. My rational for this was to simply hand wave it away based on the idea that all the parents already knew their children would end up together and were simply waiting for them to work it out, so were quite happy to encourage them without seeming to actively do so. There were also a few typos, mostly of the missing word variety, though nothing particularly startling.

On the whole, regardless of any of the “faults” mention the above, I enjoyed this. It was a fun read. The H’s were appealing when flirting instead of fighting, the h’s weren’t insipid little misses in any way at all, and it made me laugh, which for me is always a huge plus. I’ve read a couple of Rachel Van Dykens books before, which was why I initially gave this a try, and I will certainly be checking out the other two writers, particularly Kristin Vayden, since her story was the one I enjoyed the most.


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