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I realise I haven’t posted anything here in an age, though to be fair I don’t post much of anything anywhere these days. As part of my attempts to do better though, I figured I’d copy this here too;

I’ve recently become enamoured of Regency Romance stories, among others, so my kindle app is working overtime. I blame the hormones of course, which are apparently all over the bloody place right now.

Anyway, I’ve no idea if anyone is even still paying attention to this blog, or if and of my followers read this kind of stuff, since generally I’ve stuck to posting mostly pics of DT in the past, but just in case, I thought I’d share a review I wrote of a particular book-bundle. Please Note, while future reviews might fall into the recommendation category, should anyone seem interested in me continuing to post them, this one is definitely not a recommendation, it’s actually more of a warning to avoid…

Book details: Wild, Wicked and Wanton: A Hot Historical Romance Bundle by Natasha Blackthorne (no, I’m not giving you a link for this, but you can find it at Amazon etc if you wish).
My Rating: 1 star, and to be honest it only got that because it’s the minimum allowed at Amazon.

I bought this based on the high number of 5 star reviews (10 of the 14 on Amazon UK when I initially bought, it were 5 stars), and have to wonder if we were all reading the same book. I admit I normally read England based Regency stories (I’ve read lots though, of all types from “sweet and fluffy” right through to “steaming hot and where the hell is my fan?!?”), but this is set in the US, which may have coloured my opinions somewhat. If you prefer your stories US based this might have more appeal for you.

That said however, there are some very specific issues I had with this book which caused me to give it such a the low rating, and none are down to it’s setting.

Spoilers past this point….

It’s described as “A Hot Historical Romance Bundle”. In my opinion is was neither “hot” nor romantic.

While I realise what is and isn’t “hot” is very subjective, for me this definitely wasn’t. The first book in the bundle, Grey’s Lady (which the author notes is actually a prequel to book two White Lace and Promises) does indeed jump almost immediately into a sex scene, though the way it’s written is about as far from “hot” as you can get. The terms and phrases used are frankly ridiculous, for example here’s a quote;

He shuddered again and again, seized by the tempest of sensation and helpless to do anything but surrender to its force. A thousand fiery starbursts exploded within the dark of his mind, light and heat filling the emptiness.

Every sex scene includes these types of descriptions, which despite what Ms Blackthorne might think, are not really “hot” in my opinion. What they are however, is excessively wordy, while still managing to be almost completely non-descriptive. I’ve read a lot of smut, both in mainstream work and fanfic. I know what has me reaching for my fan and what has me laughing because it’s so hideous, this is definitely the latter.

As for the supposed Romance, at least in so far as book 1 of this bundle goes, frankly there wasn’t any. The H (hero) wasn’t at all likeable in my view, and spent the entire book trying to convince the h (heroine) to be his mistress. She on the other hand was almost schizophrenic in her behaviour, alternating between trying to be in complete control of at least her love life, and arguing extensively against this arrangement, then switching to an utter wimp at the slightest provocation. Several times she does the whole “I’m no-ones mistress” routine, mere seconds before begging him to F*** her.

The only thing that came close to even a hint of romance, was in the final chapter, and I think it was actually on the last page, where the H finally decides he needs to actually woo the h, and goes to see her brother to ask if he can “court” her, making it clear his intentions are now, finally, honourable. While I realise this is a prequel, and there may well be some actual romance in the next book, this one was such hard going I simply couldn’t bear to read any more.

Other than that, there is no plot as such. Or if there was one I certainly couldn’t find it.

In a nutshell, unless you’re the type of reader who equates sex with romance, and doesn’t mind overly wordy scenes, and boring conversations which seem to be repeated ad-nauseam, this is not the book for you. Save your money.


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