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Birthdays need a tux or two, right?

A good friend of mine has a birthday today, though I’m certain that as always she’s trying to hide the fact. Still, I’ve never been one to hold back on offering my friends a little something pretty when I feel it’s called for, so….

She has quite varying tastes, so not all this week’s pics are of David, but they’re all quite tasty, as I’m sure you’ll agree. There was also only one pic I could possibly start this post with;

I’m not actually sure what she thinks of this guy, but I know others will drool, so….

Okay, that’s enough tux’s, because there’s also someone else who apparently wants some inspiration, and when what she wants to look at looks like this, who am I to argue with her?

And finally, something purely for my own personal pleasure, though I expect many others will approve…


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