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Disability, Voluntary Work And Government Deception

Missus Tribble

We all have that One Relative, or know that One Person, who sits at home watching Jeremy Vile, scratching their arse, chainsmoking and eating their own bodyweight in Doritos whilst gleefully living off the state with absolutely no intention of finding gainful employment.

We’ve all seen those little groups of (mostly) men and the occasional couple, gathered outside the entrance to the Job Centre in expensive clothes and with expensive dogs (generally Staffordshire Bull Terriers – no wonder the poor animals have such an unwarranted bad reputation), with their cans of Heinekin and packets of Old Holborn – openly laughing and boasting about how “cushy” they have it because they’re living off the tax payer.

Sorry to put it so baldly, but there it is. The majority of people on Jobseeker’s are genuinely job seekers (as was I, before I had to admit defeat and accept that my epilepsy had…

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