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In case you didn’t instantly guess, this is a follow up post to the one I did dated October 8th, because guess what….

Believe it or not, Yahoo have done another “upgrade” (yes that’s two in TWO DAYS) and while they’re clearly trying, they’ve actually made things worse.

I know that’s a terribly blurry screen grab, it was deliberate to protect my privacy and that of those emailing me, and thankfully I did it before they made this latest change so I can at least show you what they’ve done.

Despite the blurriness, I’m sure you can clearly see which are the unread emails in the folder, yes? For those who don’t immediately spot them, there’s three of them, and they’re bolder than the rest and have a little purple dot beside them. They’re not hard to pick out right? If it weren’t so fuzzy you could see at a glance which are unread, even with poor eyesight etc, as they clearly stand out from those around them.

(make a note for later about how long those email titles look too)

Okay, this is my inbox today, with almost all of those exact same emails in place, and even two I still hadn’t read from yesterday;

See the difference? No bold font, none at all. In fact the only way to tell now if an email is unread is because there’s a tiny purple dot beside it. It’s such an insignificant little dot that I decided I’d better point it out to you with a red arrow so you wont miss it. Good huh?

My eyesight isn’t brilliant, but I wear glasses to help and they do, but even with my glasses, it’s taking more far attention and focus than it EVER really should just to tell if I have unread mails. Anyone with worse sight then is probably total screwed now.

And they’ve also changed the information displayed too (I told you to take notes) so there’s much less of it, making it harder to tell who a mail is from and what it’s about at first glance. You can clearly see how much less information there is by looking at the one I’ve marked with the arrow, as the only info there now is what was previously in bold, all the rest has vanished.

In several cases this has already meant I’ve had to open an email to get more information, only to find it’s trash and simply needs deleting. Another excellent idea thanks Yahoo. At a time when we’re all trying so hard NOT to open emails unless we’re sure of the source, you take away a chunk of information that TOLD us where it came from.

In fairness, they’ve clearly been trying to respond to all the complaints they’ve been getting, even though they’re not actually replying to the feedback on their website. Since yesterday they’re reintroduced two of the basic tools they’d removed in the first “upgrade” so now you CAN sort by subject or sender, and you can edit title/email-body on replies and forwards.

Both of these things coming back are a very big plus of course, but if the only way I can have them is to make it harder than it already was to check my emails then it’s not really much of a help is it?

I still can’t see all my folders at a glance, and since I have filters in place to put things like lj mails in one folder, dreamwidth in another and wordpress in another, so I can prioritise what I read first, that’s something I really miss as now I’m left repeatedly clicking back and forth between my inbox and my folders to check if there’s new mail in either. Oh and even the folder titles, which were also in bold if they contained unread mails yesterday, are now all in the same font as everything else.

And they’ve still made no comment as to if/when we’ll get tabs back either.

DAMN IT! I need a drink….


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  1. They seem to have made it look more like Google mail. It’s not an improvement 😦

    Comment by ownedbyrats | October 12, 2013

    • oh it’s definitely not, there are so many tools either gone completely or simply no longer working that it’s a nightmare to use, which is such a shame

      Comment by develish1 | October 14, 2013

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