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Yahoo mail strike again….

It seems an assortment of large organisations are vying for position as to who can piss me off the most this week. Yesterday it was lj, today it’s Yahoo (oh and the NHS Dental service, but I’ll cover that in a separate post at some point) who are pushing up my blood pressure…

Those who use Yahoo mail online, and have accessed it today, will no doubt be aware of the latest changes, for the rest of you here’s a screen grab, with some details blurred for the privacy of myself and others;

Pretty isn’t it? I actually have no problems with the new “look” as such, it’s not that much different to how it looked before, except……

See where it says Folders? There used to be an option to have all your folders showing there in a list. Now you have to click on it just to see them, then click back to your Inbox to get out of the new tab that opens.

Not really a major issue I guess, but wait, there’s more. (You knew that already, right?)

They have completely removed the option of sorting your email by sender. So now if I want to find mails from a specific friend I have to instead use the search feature. This might not sound like a big deal until I also tell you that not only does this require multiple clicks, it’s one of the slowest search options I’ve ever used, and around half the time it crashes before it gives you any results.

Next, If I’m replying or forwarding an email, I can no longer edit the emails title in any way. This means if I want to pass something along but change the title so it’s more suited to the person i’m sending it to I have to copy the mails contents, open a new email, paste it, and THEN send it.

Yep, there’s more. Previously, if I was corresponding with someone and wanted to refer back to an earlier email from them or to something I’d received from someone else, I could open a second email in a separate tab within my email and hop back and forth between them. This feature is also GONE.

And this is just what I’ve found in the last 15 minutes while attempting to check my emails and do a few very basic things. None of them are huge by any standards, but when taken together….

Please note, there was no warning these changes would occur, and there is no option to revert to an earlier style, in fact, to quote Yahoo’s announcement, which I had to use Google to find because they hid it so well;

“What you see today is our cleanest, most intuitive version of Yahoo Mail to date.”

If anything, it seems to me that this new interface is the least intuitive they’ve come up with so far, and forcing it on users with no warning and no alternative options is extremely bad practice to say the least.

So you tell me, am I being unreasonable by feeling really pissed of at Yahoo right now?

ETA – As the day has progressed and I’ve fought with this new version I’ve now discovered yet another annoying gmail style “feature” that frankly I’d rather they stick where the sun doesn’t shine! When I reply to an email, I cannot edit the mail directly, so I can’t underline or highlight sections I might be wanting to comment on, as my reply automatically sits in it’s own little box. There goes my ability to easily beta a short fic for someone directly in my email then. Given the absence of the tabs too I can’t even easily copy/paste into a new mail as an alternative. Thanks for that Yahoo.


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