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Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers here…

I’m well aware that several of you haven’t yet seen all the eps, and some haven’t seen any, so I wont tell you who did it. I’m sure tumblr and twitter are already two places you’re avoiding in order not to find out, and I don’t want you to avoid me too, lol

What I will say though is this, I really didn’t see that ending coming. Truly I didn’t. For the first time in I can’t recall how long, I genuinely did not know who did it, and only finally guessed during the final ep, shortly before it was revealed, and I LOVED IT!

I loved watching them dig around in everyone’s past when no-one would tell them the truth, and seeing them stumble over all sorts of secrets that in the end really wouldn’t have mattered in the least if people had just been honest.

Mostly though, in an age where it’s become the norm to be able to guess who the bad guy is from as little as the first 5 minutes of a show, I just loved NOT KNOWING!

And then, over the closing credits we’re told “Broadchurch will return”. I have to say I totally agree with the Observer, who called it “a game-changer in British whodunnits”. I want to see more of this style of show on my TV please, and soon, and given the average 7 million viewers the show attracted, I’m clearly not alone.

Oh and if you’re in the UK, or somehow have access, don’t forget The Politicians Husband starts this Thursday at 9.00PM on BBC2.


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