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Excuse me while I rant…

But I just realised I hadn’t posted this here…….and, you see, germs, and the associated insomnia that tends to go with them makes me grouchy, and then I find out that someone is ripping off the artwork of people I know, and now I’m waaaay more than grouchy, I’m bloody furious….

I have many friends, and others who I simply “know” online, who spend hours of their time making manips, creating wallpapers, or doing drawings and other types of artwork, and do so with amazing skill. They share these freely for other fans to use, and I applaud them for it, I’ve got some gorgeous wallpapers too as a result of their efforts.

So to find out that an eBay seller, known as europiece20-uk (who also sells on Amazon under the name Mega Deal Online) is taking their efforts, cropping or editing the pictures to remove all copyright and credit info, adding fake autographs, and then selling them for profit……….well I’m speechless to be honest, and most definitely NOT in a good way.

I found out when one of my DevaintArt friends posted about them stealing one of her images. Thankfully, after she complained that image was removed from sale.

I took a quick look through the rest of their listings though, and immediately spotted 5 other images that I recognised, because I’ve got them saved as wallpapers. All of these were made by people over at DevaintArt.

I had a longer look at their listings and did a simple google image search on ones that looked to me as though they might be manips or drawings. I found a further 6 images, all of which had been stolen from either DeviantArt users, LiveJournal users, or sites such as fanpop. Here’s some examples of the work they’ve shamelessly ripped off;

JesseLax has done a gorgeous black and white picture of Ten, and here’s the eBay listing where it’s up for sale, with all identifying info etc removed. (They’ve done this with one of her Eleven pics too)

dalekdom-fanart made a really nice three Doctors picture, and here’s the eBay listing for that, and yes, they’ve stolen two of their pictures too as there’s another of theirs up for sale as well, on both eBay and Amazon this time.

And like I said, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say I’ve contacted the creators of all the ones I could identify where I had a way to contact them, but I still wanted to warn you all, whether your one of those who creates such things or not, that there are clearly some very unscrupulous sellers out there.



March 23, 2013 - Posted by | A Bit Of A Rant, Random Thoughts


  1. I hate people like this! Not long ago a WordPress blogger stole my post about “Sexuality And Doctor Who” and tried to pass it off as their own – so I promptly editted my post to ask that people report it should they see MY post elsewhere.

    Comment by Missus Tribble | March 23, 2013

    • yeah, I’m still annoyed on their behalf, although thankfully a couple of them have already been able to get the listings pulled. I doubt it will stop them though, they clearly don’t care whose work they’re using so long as they make money from it

      Comment by develish1 | March 24, 2013

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