Just a few random thoughts and pictures

What? I’m only a day late…

Let’s be honest, me being a bit late posting is hardly surprising is it?  Anyway, lets get on with the pics shall we?

They’re completely random  since PB has messed up the order of my Tuxday folder and I now have no idea which are the older and which are really the newer ones…

 photo David-Tennant-82-cropped.jpg

 photo tux.jpg

manipped to add stars background photo Frame01.jpg

From Sols_afterglow photo vlcsnap-2011-07-17-18h34m37s176copy.png

 photo VideoDiaryS3_13.jpg

 photo fw-20.jpg

Laz photo BBCDVD2382-39.jpg

And finally………
DT photo BBCDVD2382-139.jpg



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