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Okay, enough is enough….

Excuse me while I rant, because PB have totally pissed me off now. And yes, I know I wasn’t exactly happy with them already, but today….

As many of you will already know, they’re taking some serious lessons from the LiveJournal school of customer service, and have been testing a new Beta site, and completely ignoring every single bit of feedback they’ve received about all the tools/features that are either completely missing, or simply don’t work.

Here’s a lovely example for you. The original version of the site showed me 20 decent sized thumbnails per page, making browsing an album fairly simple.

With the new version, aside from the fact they now use “infinite scroll” meaning it takes an age for any album with more than a few dozen pics in it to even load (and they sometimes crash long before you get even half way) they’ve moved the album list to the left, reducing the amount of screen size for actually displaying your images. With this new layout I now have two choices;

Without any image codes showing, meaning I have to click three more times just to get the code to POST a picture, it looks like this

Yeah, 4 thumbnails at a time, great huh? They’re a decent size of course, but they’re a crop of the image, so sometimes you can’t tell what the full image looks like.

Or, I can have the codes showing, and instead get 6 thumbnails at a time, which are of the full image, but are so small I need my reading glasses on just to figure out which is which

So yeah, I swapped back to the old style, with the intent of backing everything up and setting up elsewhere.

And then they decided to step things up a notch.

For weeks they’ve had a huge banner add at the top of the page for everyone like me who had tried the site and swapped back, or never tried it at all, advising we would be swapped over on March 18, no matter what.

“Fine” I thought, “I’ll have my new PC long before then (it’s coming next week hopefully) and can easily download everything, one album at a time, so I at least have a back up before they screw everything up in the switch”.

I was wrong. With absolutely no input from me, and despite my repeated objections, they’ve swapped me over almost three weeks early, before I could back ANYTHING up, since my old PC simply couldn’t handle all those extra files.

So now, I’m stuck with an almost unusable site, with images I can barely access most of the time, and can”t access at all some of the time since loading times have sky-rocketed, and since there’s no way to download those images now other than one at a time, I can’t even simply go somewhere else. They’ve removed the “download album” option you see, so they’re basically holding my images hostage.

I am NOT a happy bunny right now.

Add to this the additional insult that despite the fact I pay for a Pro account, and as such should get “fast, dedicated customer support by email” they have ignored all three of the emails I’ve sent them in the last 6 weeks, and you can imagine my mood.

So since they wont respond to me, no matter how I try, I’ve now raised a complaint via BBB, stating my multiple issues and their refusal to respond to my requests for assistance, and asked that not only do I get a refund for the two years worth of subscriptions I’ve paid (one for this year, and one a renewal they accepted when I’m sure they already knew they were removing half the features they were taking my money FOR, which hasn’t even kicked in yet) for a service I am no longer receiving, but that they actually give me proper access to my images so I can download them.

I think these are reasonable requests, given they are not honouring their contract with me.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to refill my glass. Oh, if any of you want to raise a complaint too, the link above takes you straight to the place to start one off.


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  1. 😦

    sounds like you’re gonna have some all nighters coming up downloading stuff onto your new PC.because as soon as you have them on the PC, you can tell PB to f*ck off. the best way you (and everyone else who is frustrated) can tell PB how you feel is to STOP using their service. 😦

    Comment by Redhead | March 2, 2013

    • They now say they’re “planning” on adding the option to download albums, like it’s some sort of favour to give us back what we already HAD! No time scale of course.

      I’m not sure whether ti wait or say say sod it and start downloading now, but the thought of the alternative, downloading it all one pic at a time, is frankly scary, it would take days, not just hours

      I know plenty who have already quit though, and I WILL be following them once I’ve backed everything up, because they clearly don’t give a damn about their customers

      Comment by develish1 | March 2, 2013

  2. GRR!
    That is all.

    Comment by whogal | March 6, 2013

    • yeah, I was a bit more colourful than that, lol

      Comment by develish1 | March 6, 2013

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