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RIP Ray…

Just a short post in recognition of a man who played a fairly big role in DW, by creating something most of my f-list will never forget…

Although many might not know his name, half a century ago, Ray Cusick, who passed away this weekend at the age of 84, came up with the idea for the Daleks

He himself my not be a house hold name, but his creations will live on in the hearts of so many, for many years to come….


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  1. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of watching Doctor Who from behind the living room door.

    Have you ever seen “The Daleks” from the Hartnell years? The only other Dalek episode I can think of that comes even *close* to that level of Horror is “Dalek”.

    Comment by Missus Tribble | February 25, 2013

    • I used to watch half hidden in my granddads side, lol.

      I think I’ve seen it at some point, but not for some time, although hubby might have a copy of it

      Comment by develish1 | February 25, 2013

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