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I blame fic writers…

What? I have to blame someone for not only being late (because I was updating the fic lists over at BWR) but also for my the apparent theme I seem to have used for this weeks pictures…

You see, I think I spent a little too much time over the weekend reading angsty fic, and it certainly seems to have had an impact on my selection, as you can see…

No, I can’r leave it like that, lets end on a smile at least…


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  1. the best doctor of all time 🙂

    Comment by Zoe Mecredy | June 8, 2012

    • well I wouldn’t argue with that, although I do have a soft spot for Nine too

      Comment by develish1 | June 8, 2012

  2. 9? he was the one in season 1 wasnt he. i didnt like him that much

    Comment by Zoe Mecredy | June 8, 2012

    • yes that’s the one, I tend to refer to them all by numbers most of theim, it makes things less confusing for me, since I’m familiar with the classic series too

      Comment by develish1 | June 8, 2012

      • kk. who do u thinks better. david tennant or matt smith?

        Comment by Zoe Mecredy | June 8, 2012

        • that’s a tough question, mainly because I think they’re both good actors, but I don’t really care for the style of writing since the switch between Doctors, so I’d have to say David

          Comment by develish1 | June 8, 2012

          • if they got russle t daves tp write again matt could be so much better

            Comment by Zoe Mecredy | June 9, 2012

  3. Aww David Tennant. He’s just everything that is wonderful. I love the episode when the Doctor and Rose are in Scotland and Tennant drops into his native Scottish accent. Sigh. I like Matt Smith but he is a very different Doctor.

    Comment by freak0nature | June 18, 2012

    • I’m not so keen on the current version of the Doctor either, but if you like David then pop back on Tuesdays, as I generally post pics that day.

      Comment by develish1 | June 18, 2012

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