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More bogus emails…

You’ll no doubt recall my post of January 23, which gave details of phishing emails being sent out posing as messages from YouTube? We’ll the scammers are at it again, and they’re getting smarter…

Where the ones we’ve seen in the past could easily be spotted due to the inaccurate “sent” addresses, and flagged as spam so filters would pull them out without you having to worry about them, this new batch are not so simple to deal with.

The reason being that they have found a way to fake their headers so that they appear to have come from a genuine YouTube email address. This means standard spam filters won’t work correctly, since reporting these fakes as spam to your email provided would cause ALL emails from YouTube to be classed as such.

This is an example of the latest fake one that I personally received today…

Please note, IS indeed an actual email address, used by YouTube to send out their automated messages, such as those notifying you of comments etc.

As a comparison, here’s the header section of s genuine email I received a few weeks ago

As you can see, the “sent” info looks exactly the same. in fact the only immediately obvious difference is that the genuine one includes my username, along with my email address, which I’ve blacked out for privacy.

So, what can you do? Well not much really as far as stopping yourself from receiving them goes, and YouTube apparently doesn’t wish to offer any help with them either, since they don’t even have a process in place for you to report the issue of fake emails to them.

The only advice therefore is this, DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS IN ANY EMAILS YOU RECEIVED FROM YOUTUBE. For safety’s sake make no exceptions.

All genuine message from YouTube tell you were to go to read/reply to the information they’re drawing your attention to, whether it’s a particular video, your profile or your inbox, so go to the site directly, then to your video or profile etc, and deal with it that way.

Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be affected by this. My screen-grabs are stored in a premium PB account, so you are welcome to use those too, as there is no issue with bandwidth.


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