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Bogus email, beware…

This is aimed at any of you who have a YouTube account…

This particular issue is not new, I’ve seen it myself in the past in fact and I’m pretty sure I posted about it at the time, but since I’ve just received another of these bogus emails I thought it might be a good idea to mention it to you all again, just in case

If you received an email like this claiming to be from YouTube…(click for larger version)

DO NOT click on the link it contains. Go directly to YouTube and check your inbox there. If it IS a genuine message then there will be a copy in your inbox at YouTube too, and you can deal with it from there.

There are however many of these emails going out that are in fact totally bogus, as the one above is, no matter how real it might look. The only reason I was immediately aware that this was a bogus mail is because although I have an account there, I have never uploaded any videos myself, meaning no-one could be contacting my about one of “my” videos.

I know several of my friends have indeed loaded up videos there though, and as a result might fall prey to this scam, which I suspect takes you to a phishing site, or a site where some kind of malware or virus could be downloaded to your PC.

I’ve checked through their help pages by the way, and can’t find any way to report this issue to them, so if anyone does know of a way, please let me know.


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