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Let us drool…

After last weeks post I was told “there needs to be more pics of him with that untied bowtie” so you can thank redcirce for this weeks selection…


And a smile to end with…..



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  1. yummy!! and I see you beat wordpress into submission! 😉

    I never realized Hamlet was a tragicomedy until I saw Tennant in it. the sexyness helped too.

    Comment by Redhead | January 19, 2012

    • I did, eventually, it was NOT fun though. Next time I might not fight so hard with it though. I’m not getting many readers over here now, and even less comments, so I’m tempted to quit and just carry on over at Dreamwidth and LiveJournal and tweet the link to one the those instead.

      But never mind that, look at the pretty 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | January 19, 2012

      • 😦 I’d be sorry to see you leave, but if WordPress is continually being a brat, it’s time for something else. So long as you keep tweeting the link, I will be able to find you! It’s you and tuxday that’s been making my work week survivable for the last few months.

        Comment by Redhead | January 21, 2012

        • Thanks love 🙂

          I already cross post to my LiveJournal anyway, have done for some time, so dropping this wouldn ‘t make a huge difference really. I haven’t made a decision yet, but if I have many more days like this last Tuesday then I’ll definitely be considering it.

          Comment by develish1 | January 22, 2012

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