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A bit late, but still…

It’s still Tuxday, so here I am posting some pics for you to drool over…

This weeks selection was mostly contributed by regular reader Sols_afterglow. Thanks for all the pics love. Okay, try not to drool on your keyboards ladies. First, for the CE fans, I’m throwing him in as this weeks guest tux…

Okay, you can stop glaring at your screens now, here’s some DT, lol. Starting with the specs, because frankly, he looks gorgeous in them.


There’s a larger version of the one above by the way, just click on it.



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  1. It’s always good to see both of them all dressed up. Chris is looking very nice too.

    I’ve been on an enjoyable DT overload since the weekend watching old interviews (for fun) and some movies I have. He is a good companion for sleepless nights. I’ve been up since 3a watching 2 Graham Norton’s. No wonder I can’t sleep, I’m laughing too much.

    Comment by Sols_afterglow | October 26, 2011

    • oh he’ll certainly help you pass the time 🙂

      I’m not done digging through that album yet by the way, there’s a lot in there, it could take a while, lol

      Comment by develish1 | October 26, 2011

      • no hurry on the album… I’ll leave it there, and there is a ‘view all’ button (small in blue type) that puts all the thumbnails in one scrolling browser window for quick scanning… that really speeds up the glancing.

        Comment by Sols_afterglow | October 26, 2011

        • yeah, I use PB myself, it has a very handy feature that lets me simply copy pics from your album to mine. Don’t want to just copy them all over in one go though, thought I’d copy a few at a time, as I post them, saves me getting confused about which I’ve used and which I haven’t lol

          Comment by develish1 | October 26, 2011

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