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I have GOT to stop going there…

I can’t recall if I mentioned this before or not, but I found the cutest Amigurumi over at Etsy about a year ago, thanks to one of my regular readers here…

Oh, incidentally, Amigurumi basically means crocheted doll. Anyway here’s what I found, and subsequently bought…

Anyway, when she does any new DW themed designs, she always lets me know in case I’m interested, and well, now I’ve ordered this little guy to keep the other two company, because I just couldn’t resist him.

The reason for the title of this post though, is some of the other stuff I find while I’m over there, made by other Etsy sellers, as I can never resist doing a quick search. Some of today’s finds made me squee a bit, some made me cringe in utter horror. I’ll let you judge just a few of them for yourself. Be warned though, some of these are kinda cute so you might be inclined to buy….

Doctor Who 10th Doctor & Tardis Key Chain

Beaded 10th DOCTOR

Doctor Who Magnet – 10th Doctor

Doctor Who 10th Doctor Chibi Charm Necklace

Set of 2 Doctor Who Themed 1.25″ Pinback Buttons: Designs by Zerobriant

Doctor Who: the 10th Doctor cell phone charm

Lego 10th Doctor Necklace

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cut up my credit card….


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  1. I do like the buttons and have seen so many wonderful 10th Doctor dolls posted around. I always enjoy seeing how his ‘sticky-uppy’ hair is represented (quoting Wilf). I will need to get me an Xmas ornament or two soon.

    Comment by Sols_afterglow | September 25, 2011

    • There is some amazing stuff for sale on there, although some of it is amazing awful, lol

      Comment by develish1 | September 26, 2011

  2. OK, so i owe you a huge apology! ; )
    But I bet you wouldn’t be without your tiny Timelords! I know I wouldn’t be without my little guy – he’s snuggling with me as I write! I do live them, they’re so darn cute!
    _Ten is a great comfort to me at the moment – he just prescribed chocolate ice-cream for me – and who am I to ignore Doctor’s orders?!

    Comment by whogal | September 26, 2011

    • oh no apology needed, I adore my little Nine and Ten, and can’t wait for my other one to arrive

      Comment by develish1 | September 26, 2011

      • They are so cute, aren’t they? I don’t know what I’d have done without Amigurumi_Ten last night (although there are a lot of others who would’ve tolerated being cried on – not least DT bear).

        I have to be honest and say I ignored Doctor’s orders, last night, but I did have some chocolate. Maybe ice cream will be on the menu tonight…

        Comment by whogal | September 27, 2011

  3. Oh, and although he’s being an absolute darling and very supportive, Amigurumi_Ten is a bit angry with me – I’ve managed to lose his glasses! Poor chap. It’s my iwn fault – i took him to work with me for moral support one day.
    I’m hoping to find something to make a new pair with, because I really don’t know if Lindsay would want to bother going to the trouble and expense of sending a replacement pair, can’t say I blame her. Plus money’s tight at the moment. : (

    Comment by whogal | September 26, 2011

    • oh no! Ten without his glasses is simply not on!

      Comment by develish1 | September 26, 2011

      • I know, I feel very guilty every time I look at him. But he’s being very good natured about it.

        He’s spending a LOT of time with his friend David bear – I tried to get him to accept the name David Teddant but he’s not having any of it! David bear and Amigurumi_Ten have bonded because the former had neck surgery last year and it looks as though AT may need some soon. He’s going to be very brave, though, and David bear said he’d hold his hand.

        Comment by whogal | September 27, 2011

        • my new one arrived!! *bounce*

          Comment by develish1 | September 27, 2011

      • I’ve contacted Lindsay, so with any luck she’ll be able to tell me how to find some of that wire-like stuff she used to make his glasses. I can’t bear to leave him “half-naked”!

        Comment by whogal | September 28, 2011

  4. Aww, I remember when my darling AT arrived! He was so cute! Of course he still is, and he’s always up for kisses and cuddles. I loved the picture of Blue Suited Ten – is he as handsome? I bet he is. I loved mine immediately. It was very cold when he arrived – there was snow on the ground – I was glad I was in to collect him!
    The only problem is his hair -it has a mind of its own! I only have to move him a bit and it goes in all directions… I think he needs another spritz of hairspray.
    The thing I think I love most about mine is that he has very soulful eyes – he may have a big, big smile but his eyes look very sad, sometimes. Funny, but without his glasses he looks a bit younger – and unfinished, somehow. Better sort that out, pronto.
    He said he wouldn’t mind too much if another cuddly Doctor came to stay -I said that little Doctor was jealous when Big Doctor showed up, but now they’re the best of mates. I just have to save up. He’s worth it! 😉

    Comment by whogal | September 27, 2011

    • Well I have three now, Nine and two Tens, but they all seem quite happy sitting side by side on my desk 🙂

      good luck with Lindsay, she seems like a nice lady so I’m sure she’ll help if she can

      Comment by develish1 | September 28, 2011

      • She is lovely. She was kind enough to tell me it was floral wire – which I’d already suspected.

        I’ve asked in at least one florist but it seems that Hobbycraft is the only place to go, should anyone be silly enough to lose their Ten’s glasses. *sigh*

        Comment by whogal | October 5, 2011

        • Oh, and I was a bit naughty at the weekend – not only did I buy lots of yummy pics of DT – including the one he signed and the one of the two of us – I also bought a small Doctor Action figure – he has his “nappy coat” on! Luckily they all get on very well.

          Comment by whogal | October 5, 2011

        • Well at least now you know what you’re looking for in order to replace them 🙂

          As for the excess shopping, why not, we all deserve a treat now and then

          Comment by develish1 | October 5, 2011

  5. Poor Amigurumi_Ten is still specs-less. 😦 He’s been very good, though.
    I know, but when there isn’t really money to spare it’s a bit naughty, isn’t it?! I’ve got a new wee bear, as well – he’s sort of light brown/blond, with lovely big, light brown eyes and a cute smile!
    I’ve called him Macca, cos that’s what DT was called when he was growing up.

    Comment by whogal | October 12, 2011

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