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Hi everyone.

Just a quick note while I have the chance using hubby’s net-book.. I am officially an idiot you see. Having carefully packed my lovely little tablet PC to bring with me, I left the damn power cable at home *shakes head* and I didn’t realise until I’d almost killed the battery by reading stuff on the train on the way down.

Oh well, I guess that just means my post once I’m home again will be longer, lol. For now I just want to say that I am incredibly grateful to my livejournal friend beachy_geek. Without her kindness and generosity, I would not have had the chance to see DT and CT together on stage. (warning, I may gush more on this subject later)

Oh, you all want to know about the play? There will be a review, once hubby and I get home and we’re more organised etc, I promise. In fact it’s already mostly written. All I’ll say for now though is this; that no matter how many spoilers I’d heard about the costume before hand, nothing could ever have prepared me for DT’s crotch gyrating just feet from my face. And the photos of him in the dress uniform? Not a patch on seeing it up close.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a train to fall asleep on…….


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