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Sorry I missed Caturday…

Hi folks. As seems to have become the norm lately, I’ve been busy this week again, so I haven’t posted much, not even any cats yesterday, but I still found time to do the Sunday round up…

So, let’s get straight to the coming weeks UK TV listings featuring our favourite men shall we? With added pics for everyone else to gaze at of course. Here’s what I could find, starting as always with DT;

This week, all I could find was over on Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) who after this weekend’s overdose of all manor of DW stuff, are back to showing their usual seemingly randomly placed batch of DW eps, which this week seems even more random than usual, if that’s possible. They’re showing, as follow;

Sun 29 May – 8:00pm& 11:05pm – The Impossible Planet
Mon 30 May – 8:20am – Army of Ghosts (for some reason though, there’s no sign of Doomsday)
Also on Mon 30 May – at 7:05pm & 12:00midnight – The Satan Pit
Tues 31 May – 4:30pm – Gridlock (repeated Weds 1 June at 12:00noon)
Thurs 02 June –12:00noon & 5:00pm – Daleks in Manhattan
Fri 03 June – 12:50 am Tooth and Claw, then at 12:00noon & 5:00pm – Evolution of the Daleks

For CE, Sky Movies are still showing G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but as usual I wont list the times for that, because it’s dreadful, lol. There is of course The Shadow Line though, and you can catch a repeat of ep 4 of that, Sun 29 May at 11:00pm on BBC 2 (11:30pm in Scotland), and ep 5 airs on Thurs 2 June at 9:00pm.

There were no results again this week when I searched for JS, but JB did pop up a couple of times. Only because Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) are still showing some Torchwood though. This week there’s Torchwood: Children of Earth – Day Five, which you can catch on Tues 31 May at 10:00pm and Weds 1 June at 1:15am. Then there’s Torchwood series 2, ep 1, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang on Sat 4 June at 12:40am.

Okay, that’s it TV-wise, at least I hope it is, I’ve been known to miss things before due to using the rather bad search functions on some channel’s online TV guides. Before I go though, as usual, here’s a random picture of DT…

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