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Other than my occasional “technology hates me” type rants, a totally off topic post from me is quite rare I know, but this one is something close to my heart, and not really as off topic as it might seem at first glance…

Even those of you not really paying much attention at all, can’t have failed to spot my fascination with many aspects of, and the actors in, Doctor Who. Those of you who have been paying a little more attention though, will have noticed this extends to fan fiction, to the point I’ve actually written some myself.

Those paying lots of attention might even recall what one of the inspirations behind my story A Better Man was. No? It was a song of the same title, by British rock band Thunder, who I’ve been a fan of for years. And with that very tenuous link, I’d like to draw your attention to something they’re doing for charity…

The band, have for many years supported the charity efforts of Childline Rocks, which raises much needed money for both Childline and the NSPCC. This tradition has continued even after the band parted company in 2009, with the new band, The Union, which formed after the break up, continuing to take part in events for the charity.

As a result, several band members have recently agreed to take part in a charity motorcycle ride in the USA from July 10th to July 16th.

The plan is to fly out to Calgary, Canada on the 9th, pick up bikes, then spend the next 5 days riding down into the USA, ending up in Ketchum Idaho on the 15th. As you’d expect with a bunch of musicians together on a road trip, there will be musical moments each night of the journey, and they’re looking to arrange impromptu appearances in local bars and venues and anywhere else they can pass the hat around along the way.

Donations are being accepted from as little as £1, so if you’d like to offer your support, please visit their donations page here, or click on the ChildLine Rocks logo above. If you like more info about the venture, you can find it at their official website here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for any small donation you feel you can make to this very worthwhile cause.

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