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To make up for Sunday…

Thought I’d share a few new pics and audio/video clips with you about a couple of new shows, since I failed miserably to post my normal TV round up last Sunday…

First up, Exile, the first episode of which airs here in the UK at 9:00pm, on May 1 on BBC 1. For more info on the show, and an interview with John Simm who takes the leading roles, check out the BBC’s press info post here. For more pics, check out this post over at Blogtor Who. And to round up this part, here’s a short video interview with too…

Next up is something featuring Chris Eccleston, called The Shadow Line. The first episode of this seven part drama airs in the UK on 5 May at 9:00pm, this time on BBC. Again there’s more info over that BBC site here, and Blogtor Who yet again has some pics, which you can find here.

No video clip this time, but there is an episode of the BBC Radio 4 show Front Row that features an interview with both CE and writer/director of The Shadow Line Hugo Blick. Since it’s a radio show it should play for everyone, and you can find that over at iplayer here. The interview is very near the start of the show, so don’t worry, you don’t have to listen for ages to get to it. Amd just in case you do have problems….Click here

Finally for today, a totally random DT pic to end things, purely because I think it’s rather thud-worthy. I hope you’ll agree…


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  1. Mmm, cute, wide-eyed DT! Lovely!

    I missed Exile so I’ll have to catch up online. Not ideal but better than missing it altogether.

    Comment by whogal | May 3, 2011

    • hubby’s recording it for me as we were not going to be at home for part one, so I haven’t watched any of it yet

      Comment by develish1 | May 3, 2011

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