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Hi folks, sorry I’m running so late again this week. Things have been a bit hectic in the Dev household for a number of reasons, which I wont bore you with…

Okay, onto this coming weeks TV listings featuring our favourite men, at least those I could find anyway, starting as always with DT;

First up, on Eden (Sky 532, Virgin 208) you can can find both parts of Swarm (which David narrates), later tonight. Part 1 is at 12:00 midnight and part 2 at 1:00am tomorrow.

On BBC 1 you can catch a repeat of The Graham Norton Show on Mon 18 Apr at 11:35pm. and of course St. Trinians 2 – The Legend of Frittons Gold is still doing the rounds on the Sky’s movie channels, but I wont bother listing those since I’m sure everyone will have seen it by now.

Over on, Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) they’re showing the final part of Casanova this week, on Thurs 21 Apr at 10:15pm, this week though there is no late night repeat as there was with the first 2. They also have some DW on later in the week, with The Runaway Bride on Sat 23 Apr at 4:40pm, and Voyage of the Damned on Sun 24 Apr at 4:30pm.

And finally, CBBC (Sky 613, Virgin 701, Freeview 70 and online) are showing both of the Animated DW eps next weekend. The Infinite Quest can be found there on Sat 23 Apr at 2:45pm, and Dreamland will be shown on Sun 24 Apr, also at 2:45 pm.

Okay, on to CE, and despite the Sky TV guide trying to tell me there were no results for my search, he IS on this week, over on on Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) in DW. They are as always showing them in their own unique way of course, but  according to the listings, you can catch the following episodes this week;
Tues 19 Apr – 6:00pm – The Long Game, repeated Weds 20 Apr – 2::00pm
Thurs 21 April – 2:00pm & 6:00pm – Father’s Day
There’s nothing Friday though this week, for some odd reason.

That seems to be it for CE, there isn’t even any G.I. Joe this week, and I couldn’t find anything for JS either. For JB all I could find was that Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) are still showing TW season 2, although they seem to have jumped backwards again as last week was the season finale. It’s looks like they’re now reshowing the whole thing one per day, so this week they’re showing several eps, as follows;
Sun 17 Apr at 11:50pm  – Sleeper
Tue 19 Apr at 1:55am – To the Last Man
Weds 20 Apr at 2:10am – Meat
Thurs 21 Apr at 2.10am – Adam
Fri 22 Apr at 2:05am – Reset
Sat 23 Apr at  1:55am – Dead Man Walking
Sun 24 Apr at 2:05am – A Day in the Death

Now normally that would be “all she wrote” but this week there’s a one-off that I literally stumbled across during my searching. On Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) this week, those who have yet to see it, can finally catch Paul McGann in the DW movie. It’s being shown on Tues 19 Apr at 10:00pm and again on Weds 20 Apr at 12:40am. So with that in mind, my final pic this week is not of DT…


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