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Not quite a Caturday…

Well yes it is Caturday, but I’m not doing my usual cheez-filled post since I do actually have some stuff for you other than cats…

I will concede to posting just the one cat though, as this little guy is just too cute to pass up, and it’s DW related so I have two excuses…

The Master is Gonna Laugh in Your Face!

Okay, onto the other stuff I mentioned. First, news of yet more radio work DT has recently done. It’s a four part series for BBC Radio 4, called The Gobetweenies…

“David Tennant and Sarah Alexander star as multi-married exes in a shared parenting comedy, written by Marcella Evaristi and directed by Marilyn Imrie.”

The first half hour episode will air on 6 May at 11:30am. There’s a short article about half way down the page here if you’re interested.

Secondly, in case anyone here in the UK missed it, and you certainly shouldn’t have as I did tell you it was on, David and Catherine were on The Graham Norton Show last night to promote Much Ado About Nothing. I haven’t seen all of it yet, but what I have seen is hilarious. It’s available now on iplayer though, if you did miss it, or just want to watch it again. Click here to go there now.

And finally, a picture of course. It’s actually a screen grab from last night’s show, done by one of my friends over at LiveJournal (click for larger version)…


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  1. *THUD* indeed! He is SOOO cute! Very serious and intense in that picture, althought that’s not what he’s like for most of the interview – his inner 8 year old definitely gets out!

    And that kitty is beyond adorable…

    Am listening to the dulcet tones of DT as I type on Desert Island Discs (again!) – it’s a bit of a cut-down – you don’t get to hear that much of the tunes, but he’s just lovely.

    Comment by whogal | April 17, 2011

    • Oh, and I’m looking forward to listening to The Gobetweenies, although it may be a bit painful, having been there and done that.

      Comment by whogal | April 17, 2011

      • well they’re calling it a comedy, so here’s hoping it’s not too focused on the more painful aspects

        Comment by develish1 | April 17, 2011

        • Amen – I really wouldn’t be able to cope with too much sturm unt drang!

          Comment by whogal | April 17, 2011

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