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There hasn’t been much around lately that you could genuinely call news, unless you include the various articles about baby Tennant, none of which have yet been supported by any actual facts…

Today though, I do have a few of articles you might like to take a look at; first a short one from DigitalSpy which mostly just quotes from an interview DT gave to the Manchester Evening News. You can find the original article though, in full, over at the M.E.N.’s website.

And, for those who are interested, or those lucky enough to be actually going, there’s finally been a full cast listing confirmed for Much Ado About Nothing, see here for details and a link to buy tickets.

And since that leaves me ending on a theatrical note, I thought today we’d go with this picture, from the RSC’s 2000 production of Romeo And Juliet, which I don’t think I’ve ever posted before…

Original image courtesy of Tennant Photos. Click picture for larger version



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  1. It’s a lovely article, isn’t it? He’s a really sweet, thoughtful guy. I guess that’s why we love him so much.

    I fully intend to go to MAAN – I’m going to ring again tomorrow and try to work out when. I want to take my two best friends but we have to have someone to go with us, which is a bit of a pain. Oh well. I know there are several people who would snap our hands off – except I didn’t get the amount of interest I thought… Well I’ll try again when I have more dates.

    I’m following a couple of the people involved with MAAN on Twitter so we may get some interesting insights.

    Oh that picture is GORGEOUS! He looks so young… *sigh* Still unmistakeably DT, but just really young! 🙂

    Comment by whogal | April 6, 2011

    • it is 🙂 When I heard about United I was actually “football? yuck” but I will be watching it

      I think I’m going to MAAN in June, assuming the person I’m going with is well enough to travel. she’s had a bit of a set back recently so I’m more worried about her health right now than the trip to be honest.

      He does look really young there doesn’t he, despite being almost 30 at the time?

      Comment by develish1 | April 6, 2011

  2. I know what you mean about footie – although I can get quite passionate when Reading are playing!

    Oh, good luck with that – I do hope your friend is OK.

    I’ve missed the access line again – damn! Will see if they’re open on Saturday and try in earnest to get tickets for my friends and me.

    Baby Tennant has, it seems, been spotted out and about with mum and grandma, but the picture focussed more on the pram than the baby! 😦

    But in other news, it seems DT is to be featured in Empire, about Fright Night – be still, oh beating heart! We have to wait for 20 days though! 😦

    Aww, I do love “baby David”! such a cutie…

    Comment by whogal | April 8, 2011

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