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Another week, another odd shift pattern…

Yes, hubby is working one of his peculiar shift patterns this week. The kind that always leave me thinking “What day is it again?” by the end of the week. Thankfully though he is off work tomorrow, which is definitely a good thing…

For those who don’t already know, tomorrow is my *mumble* birthday. So although I’ll still choose nice pics for you all, and leave them to appear as always to keep you entertained, I wont be around to answer any comments. We’re planning to meet up with some friends for lunch, which likely means we’ll be out all afternoon, and I’ll be too drunk to type when I get back, lol.

So, please try to leave the place tidy, don’t trip over those who got here before you and are already in *thud* mode and on the floor, and I’ll catch up with you all on Weds. For today though, how about this to while away a little time?


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  1. *Wibble*


    Ahem. No, I’m fine. I didn’t trip over anyone (or fall out my chair). Not yet…

    Have a lovely *mumble* birthday – although you really don’t need to mumble to me – I think I’m right in thinking I’m older than you! *heavy sigh*

    Oh, I’m sure you are, but I just had to ask, are you aware of Audio Boo? I love it! THere are some cracking DT bits on there, including his recent (V brief) phonecall to Jo Whiley, which is rather sweet.

    Comment by whogal | March 28, 2011

    • maybe you are bit older, but not by much I don’t think.

      haven’t used audio boo, but do have that Jo Wiley call 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | March 28, 2011

  2. Not a lot, as Paul Daniels might say!

    Aww it was v short n sweet! Of course, some are complaining that he didn’t want to talk of a certain event but that suits me! Did he sound quite ‘giddy’ or was it my imagination?

    Comment by whogal | March 29, 2011

    • I’m not at all surprised that he didn’t give a straight answer live on air. He’s always been the same when it comes to his personal life, I’m amazed anyone expects this to be any different.

      The news will come out soon enough of course, we all know her dad isn’t quite so tight lipped, so he’ll spill the beans eventually.

      As for giddy, maybe he hasn’t slept for a few days? That can make you a bit light-headed, lol

      Comment by develish1 | March 29, 2011

      • Yeah, why should he? It’s his life and his news.

        Yes, we do indeed. I do wish he would keep quiet.

        Aww, yeah, that’s possible – even if she hadn’t “popped” by then she may have been a bit restless – I have no idea what it’s like to be preggers though.

        Comment by whogal | March 31, 2011

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