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Well that was fun…

Actually, chasing cats around the kitchen in order to grab them and hang on to them long enough to worm them couldn’t have been less fun. Don’t forget we have to do this three tines too…

So, while I recovered from the howling and clawing etc, I had a look at the UK TV listings for this week. The following is what I found, As always, starting with DT;

Firstly, Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) is still showing DW in their own little random way, which means that tonight you can catch The Sound of Drums at 7:00pm, and again at 11:25pm. Then for no apparent reason, they’re showing Tooth and Claw on 31 Mar at 8:00pm.

For those who don’t mind the creatures, Eden (Sky 532, Virgin 208) are showing Swarm this coming week. You can catch Part 1 – When Worlds Collide, on Mon 28 Mar at 11:00am, 2:00pm, 6:00pm and 9:00pm. Part 2 – One Million Heads, One Beautiful Mind is being shown the following day, Tues 29 Mar, also at 11:00am, 2:00pm, 6:00pm and 9:00pm.

Edited to add – I just stumbled across something, yet again, namely DT narrating another children’s show. It’s called My Life, and the episode he narrates is called Karate Kids. As far as I can tell it’s a different person narrating each episode, and they don’t prmote who the narator is, which is why a norma search didn’t pull it up. There’s more info on the CBBC website here, and you can watch it on iplayer from now until 3 Apr here.


For CE, I’m afraid all I could find for the coming week was more G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and to be honest I didn’t see any point in listing the times/channels for that yet again. If anyone hasn’t seen it yet though, take a quick look at your Sky guide, it’s a on about half a dozen times this week.

A search for anything featuring JS also came up pretty blank, apart from the DW ep mentioned above of course. for once though, searching for JB actually got me some results;

First, if you can cope with children’s TV, CBBC (Sky 613, Virgin 701, Freeview 70 and online) are showing Animals At work, a factual series about working animals, hosted by JB. If you’re interested you can catch it daily, starting Weds 30 Mar at 12:20pm.

And finally, Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) are of course still showing TW season 2, this week back at the more usual time of Tuesday night at 10:00pm, and this weeks ep is Adrift.


Okay, that’s more than enough hunting around and typing for today I think. Before I find a nice picture though, many of you might already know that the first pre-screening of Fright Night occurred a few days ago. You can read a fairly comprehensive review of it here, and then go see part two of the review, subtitled The DT Fangirl Edition, here. Please note though; both of these articles contain spoilers, the second one even more than the first.


That really is it for today, except for a picture of course, and given the articles I just gave you links to there really was only one I could post. A rather lovely wallpaper created by the ever talented Seduff

click for larger version

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  1. Okay, I need publicity photos NOW!

    Comment by Caz | March 27, 2011

    • the minute I have any you lot will be amongst the very first to know, trust me one this 🙂

      Comment by develish1 | March 27, 2011

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