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I feel like I’m constantly moaning about health issues lately, so my apologies to those sick of reading about them, I’m certainly sick of suffering them that’s for sure…

Today (and most of yesterday too) it’s been that stupid wisdom tooth of mine that acts up every now and then. It’s not bad enough to warrant undergoing actual surgery to remove it, but right now it’s driving me a little up the wall, since it has the added effect of giving me earache too.

Ah well, it’ll stop in another day or so then it’ll be fine for months again I’m sure. In the meantime I’ll just have to distract myself, and you, with a vid clip, and a very fitting piece of music, in more ways than one…

And because I do try to makes things match up in here at times, today’s pics are both screen grabs from He Knew He Was Right, courtesy of David Tennant Fan



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