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I officially hate winter…

Yep, hate it, want it gone as soon as possible please, because if I catch any more damn germs this year I swear I’ll…

Yeah, sorry everyone. I know I was absent yet again yesterday. I have yet another bug it seems, sore throat, lost voice, feeling generally crappy, you get the idea.

I was however together enough to get hubby to buy a copy of the Times on Saturday, just so you lot could see picture, albeit a day later than intended…

Yet again though, the lovely hamsterfur over at livejournal has done a far better job of scanning the article then I could so. So if didn’t get a copy yourself, you can see more of the article here, and again you don’t have to be a livejournal user to view them.

Now, I think I’ll got curl up of the sofa for a while, but before I go, I haven’t posted this one for ages so I thought, why not…

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  1. First… *hugs* Feel better soon!

    Second… Love the picture with Catherine. Love the Blackpool picture. I swear, I just want to latch onto that lower lip and… *sighs*

    Comment by Jacy | March 15, 2011

    • they’re both lovely pics aren’t they? and yes, we’re all well aware of the thing you have about that bottom lip, lol

      Comment by develish1 | March 15, 2011

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