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Mutter, mutter, mutter…

Yeah, erm, we’re not having the best of days in the Dev household today, so apologies now for any typo’s, blatant errors etc due to my total failure to concentrate…

Yes, I’m hormonal again and in the mood to claw someone’s eyes out (don’t worry though, you’re all safe, for now at least) plus the cramps have started. *sigh* Just to add to the fun though, Mr. Dev is currently whimpering in pain too, but obviously not for the same reason.

He either has a serious sinus infection, or an infection in his upper jaw/gums, maybe a deep abscess or something. The problem is there’s nothing visible, just a lot of pain in an area than could mean either problem. He can’t see a dentist till Monday, but he’s seen the doctor today and they’ve given him antibiotics on the assumption that whichever problem it is he’ll need them anyway, but…

In all the years I’ve know him (probably around 20 now) I think I’ve seen him cry maybe 3 times. This morning his attempt at sobbing quietly was what woke me, and due to my already delicate emotional state, also broke me a little too.

As a result I’m really not focused here, so I’m not doing my normal Friday post with TV listings for the weekend etc, as I don’t have the time or energy to go hunting to check the details, plus I need to be elsewhere. Not that there’s much I can do, I know that, but support is support, right?

Before I bail out though, I’ll leave you with a yummy pic to gaze at, one I recently acquired from helygen, who you’ve no doubt seen commenting now and then, so your visit wasn’t a complete waste, lol. Enjoy…

click for larger version



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  1. Aww! please send big hugs from me to Mr Dev – poor love! xx
    Hope you feel a lot better soon too. xx
    And lovin’ the pic! Listening to Fireflies as i write – always makes me think of DT.

    Comment by whogal | March 11, 2011

    • gave him a hug, he says thanks 🙂

      He was in such a lot of pain earlier bless him, but the doc gave him some strong painkillers too and they seem to have finally kicked in. he says he “feels human” now at least.

      Comment by develish1 | March 11, 2011

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