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Nearly Monday then?

So I’ve now had this “thing” for a week now and I still feel pretty rough, plus I’m keeping Kleenex in business with hubby’s help…

And since he caught whatever it is a couple of days before me I guess that fact that he’s still ill means I wont be waking feeling fine tomorrow either. Ah well, it was going to be a dull Valentine’s anyway since he’s on nights, again.

Okay, onto normal Sunday stuff, which as usual includes a hunt through Sky’s online TV guide to see what our favourites are featured in during the coming week. This weeks results for DT were, well to say there’s not much would be an understatement, because there’s nothing at all.

For CE there didn’t seem to be much either with the only item resulting from my search being G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, which you can find on Sky Action (305) on Tues, 15 Feb at 2:00pm and 10:00pm, and then again on Sky Showcase (303) on Thurs, 17 Feb at 10:00pm.

original screen grab courtesy of Art Thou Beguil’d now?

BUT….I then spotted something purely by chance that my normal search methods didn’t pick up., which just shows how bad the Sky guide’s search function is at times, I suppose. Because hiding in amongst everything else I spotted Elizabeth, featuring CE, which is being shown on Film4 (Sky 315, Virgin 428, Freeview 15) on Thurs, 17 Feb at 9:00pm. If you haven’t seen this yet ladies, yes he does take his clothes off, but then I’m starting to think he has some kind of contractual obligation to do this in every film, lol.

For JS, there is of course episode 2 of Mad Dogs, but unlike last week where it was shown at least once on one of their free channels (Sky 3), I’m afraid this week you’ll have to be a subscriber to watch it. If you are, you can find it on Sky 1 (106) Weds, 16 Feb at 10:00pm and Thurs, 17 Feb at 9:00pm, then again on Sky 2 (129) on Fri, 18 Feb at 10:00pm and Sat, 19 Feb at 11:00pm.

And finally for today’s TV listings, don’t forget that Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) is still showing Torchwood season 2 on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm, and this weeks ep is Adam.

And now, onto to today’s DT picture, which I’ve selected myself rather randomly, since there’s no TV for me to try to match it up with this week. So why this particular one? Well it gave me lots to think about *chuckle*

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  1. Hope you feel better. Sounds like a sneezy weezy Valentines Day.

    Comment by mardy | February 13, 2011

    • yeah, it’s looking that way. think I’ll indulge in a bottle of wine and a good film tomorrow night, just haven’t decided which one yet

      Comment by develish1 | February 13, 2011

  2. *pat pat* I hope you both feel better soon!!

    And now I’m going to have to watch “Elizabeth” again…

    Oh, and the picture of DT… yes, well, um… *mind wanders*

    Comment by Jacy | February 13, 2011

    • I’ve never seen it properly, just clips.

      and yes, that picture is rather…erm…I might have to make an icon with it for lj *giggle*

      Comment by develish1 | February 13, 2011

  3. I hope you both feel better soon.

    That picture of David ….. *flails*

    Comment by johannanield | February 13, 2011

    • we’re getting there, slowly.

      and yes, that pic is just…….GUH!

      (by the way, it took me a few seconds to work out who you were, stop confusing me like that, lol)

      Comment by develish1 | February 13, 2011

      • Eek sorry! I’ve been updating all over the place and forgot to log out!

        Comment by johannanield | February 13, 2011

        • that’s okay, I realised it was you after a minute, and hey, free advertising for your book too 🙂

          Comment by develish1 | February 13, 2011

  4. OMG! GUH! Somebody pass me the oxygen… STAT!

    Comment by whogal | February 22, 2011

    • I know exactly what you mean. there’s just something about the camera angle and the look on his face that makes me think…..

      Comment by develish1 | February 22, 2011

      • CENSORED! 😉

        Comment by whogal | February 22, 2011

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