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I think I need a nap…

The house next door is being “put right” after the tenant (sister in law of the owner) did a rather impressive vanishing act pre-Christmas but failed to turn off the water etc before leaving…

As a result of the rather nasty cold weather we had here in the couple of weeks after she vanished, the pipes burst, but because there was no-one there to turn the water off it just kept flowing. We eventually realised something was wrong when water started leaking out of the side wall of the house into the alleyway between ours and theirs, and called the water company to come turn off the supply.

Once the owner realised what was going on they turned up, swore, a lot, and set about arranging to put right all the damage that’s been done. I thought it was all done last week, but it seems not, today was new carpets day. Who knew fitting carpets was so damn noisy?

Okay, whine of the day over, let’s return to our normal programming shall we? So, programming for this weekend is as follows, brief though it is…

Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) – has one solitary episode of DW this weekend, but it’s worth a look if only for DT in a tux. The Lazarus Experiment is being shown Sat 12 Feb at 8:00pm.

I could find no CE at all this weekend, sorry, but there are of course repeats of the first episode of Mad Dogs featuring JS for anyone who missed it. You can find that on Sky 3 (Sky 152, Freeview 11) tonight at 9:00pm and on Sky 2 (129) on Sat 12 Feb at 11:00pm.

All the above are also available on the relevant plus 1 channel where applicable. Okay, today’s picture, which I think comes form Planet Of The Ood…

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    Comment by helygen | February 11, 2011

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      Comment by develish1 | February 11, 2011

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