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Ah, a lazy Sunday afternoon…

Sorry for my very brief post yesterday, I was having quite a day.I had a hang over, hubby has something like flu and I thought I’d lost a large chunks of my files…

Thankfully hubby has some software than can recover damaged/deleted files, so he’s been working on it between snuffles and seems to have managed to restore most of them, I think. I still have to go through them all and re-file everything. Since there are several 100 personal photos to sift through, don’t expect me to be too chatty over the next few days.

Okay, onto the stuff you actually came here for, lol. As has become rather a habit of late I’ve been doing my usual hunt through the coming weeks TV listings (courtesy of Sky’s online guide) for anything of interest. There’s very little DT around this week I’m afraid…

Sky Family (306) is showing St. Trinians 2 – The Legend of Frittons Gold on Tues, 8 Feb at 1:20pm and 8:00pm, but that’s all I could find.

Searching for CE stuff drew a complete blank sadly. It seems even Watch are not shopwing any DW eps this week in the 5:40 timeslot, as they have been doing the last few weeks, although there are some the following week, so I’ll list those another time.

There is some JS this week though, which is nice as it’s been rather a while since we saw much of him. Anyway, that drought is over, for a while at least, as his new 4 part show Mad Dogs starts this week.

The first episode is on Sky 1 (106) on Thur 10 Feb at 9:00pm. It that doesn’t work for you though, it’s also being shown on Sky 3 (152) on Fri 11 Feb at 10:00pm and again on Sky 2 (129) on Sat 12 Feb at 11:00pm.

And finally for today’s TV listings, don’t forget that Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) is still showing Torchwood season 2 on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm, and this weeks ep is Meat.

Right, today’s picture is one I know I’ve posted before, but since it never fails to get a *THUD* ot two, and I’m rather fond of it myself…

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  1. Ohh, yes …



    Comment by helygen | February 6, 2011

    • yeah, it has that effect on me too, lol

      Comment by develish1 | February 6, 2011

  2. Dev, you alright, love? Two days without a post… I’m getting worried.
    Hope everything’s fine 🙂

    Comment by Belle | February 8, 2011

    • I second this! Of course, I realize I’m one to talk… Still…

      As for the picture… I love the eyebrow!! 😀

      Comment by Jacy | February 9, 2011

    • sorry ladies.

      as you’ve no doubt guessed I’ve not been well for several days now.

      I’m feeling a bit better today though and will be posting something in a little while.

      Comment by develish1 | February 10, 2011

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