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And another week begins…

This one see’s hubby with toothache, which is not good as grouchy men are never any fun as I’m sure you’ll all agree…

He’s just returned from the dentist though, with a temporary filling, and is now grumbling away to himself in front of the TV, so I’ve decided to leave him to it for a while.

In other news (god I’m starting to sound like a newsreader, lol) DT was seen out and about with GM over the weekend, and as you’d expect there were paparazzi in attendance…

There’s a batch of pictures you can view over at PopSuger, but be warned GM is of course in all of them so don’t moan at me later for sending you there if you don’t want to see her too, lol.

As for my pic of the day selection, I decided to go with one from Casanova, since we haven’t had one of those in a while, and even though the blue eyes still freak me out a little, this one is just…



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  1. Wonder where his customary ‘disguise’ has gone. Maybe he just decided ‘to Hell with it.’

    I do love the Casanova pic though, blue eyes aside…

    Comment by whogal | January 31, 2011

    • I imagine on an evening out (for a meal apparently) he wouldn’t want to go the baseball cap route.

      And since his dad has now confirmed she’s expecting, it’s also probably a case of “well everyone knows now” so why bother.

      Comment by develish1 | January 31, 2011

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