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Another weekend approaches…

As has become a habit of mine recently, I’ve been checking the UK TV listings to see what’s on featuring our favourite men over the weekend…

Sadly there isn’t nearly as much on this weekend as we’ve had in recent weeks. I could find nothing showing this weekend for CE at all.

For DT, there’s St. Trinian’s 2: The Legend Of Frittons Gold on the Sky Family movie channel (306) on Sun 16 Jan at 11:35am and again at 8:00pm.

On Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) which has been known to show loads of DW repeats recently, there’s only The Shakespeare Code showing on Sat 15 Jan at 8:00pm.

I’ll check next weeks on Sunday if I have time, as some channels do seem to like to change times and even episodes, virtually at the last minute, just to annoy me. And so, on to today’s picture, which fittingly enough is from The Shakespeare Code, see I don’t just throw this thing together, honest…

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  1. Three day weekend here… After working my first full five-day week since before Christmas! Whew! I need the rest! *lol*

    BBCAmerica is playing havoc with timelines… throwing bits of Nine in and amongst post-Rose Ten. ‘s a bit weird. The network’s main focus is “The Tudors” with a huge marathon on Sunday and Monday. I don’t know if y’all had the series over there; it originated on ShowTime for us. For all that it plays fast and loose with history (Princess Margaret smothers the King of Portugal? What?), it’s still visually stunning and very entertaining.

    But the closest thing we’ll have to a DW sighting (other than the two DW episodes that aired in the wee hours this morning) will be a 2008 repeat of Billie Piper on “Graham Norton”…

    Comment by Jacy | January 15, 2011

    • we’re getting the same weird scheduling with Watch over here, they seem to show the eps in whatever order suits, lol.

      can’t recall ever seeing The Tudors, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been on here.

      Comment by develish1 | January 15, 2011

      • “The Tudors” mostly get the names right… *lol* Beyond that, pretty much everything else is up for grabs. But it’s loaded with eye-candy. Jonathan Rhys Meyer as Henry, and King Henry never looked that good! Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon…


        Comment by Jacy | January 15, 2011

        • down girl! lol

          Comment by develish1 | January 15, 2011

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