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Ah, the weekend approaches…

I don’t really have much in the way of plans for this weekend myself I must admit…

Mainly because hubby is working from 6:00pm Friday night till 6:00am Saturday morning, and then has to be back at work at 6:00am on Sunday. not really much of the weekend there to do anything with is there? But that just gives me time to catch up on watching a few things I guess.

Speaking of watching, a quick reminder for those of you in the UK about where to find both DT & CE on TV this weekend if you have access to the relevant channels…

On Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) you can find a little Doctor Who repeats marathon, with episodes from various seasons being shown in their own apparently random little way, as follows;

On Sat 8th Jan,
1:00pm The End Of The World, 2:00pm Aliens Of London, 3:00pm World War Three, 4:00pm The Long Game, 5:00 The Idiots Lantern, 6:00pm The Impossible Planet, 7:00pm The Satan Pit, 8:00pm Smith And Jones

On Sun 9th Jan,
1:00pm World War Three, 2:00pm The Long Game, 3:00 The Idiots Lantern, 4:00pm Love And Monster, 5:00pm Fear Her, 6:00pm Doomsday, 7:00pm Smith And Jones.

On E4 (Sky 136, Virgin 144, Freeview 28) Sat 8th at 9:00pm, you will find DT featured in Greatest TV Shows of the Noughties.

And finally, if you have access to the Sky Showcase movie channel (channel 303) you can also catch CE in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra on Sun 9th Jan at 2:15pm and again at 8:00pm.

And of course, all of the above are also shown an hour later on the relevant +1 channel where available.


Okay, on to today’s pictures. And since the above covers both CE & DT (and Jacy is still feeling a bit rough and could do with cheering up) I am yet again featuring both in todays selection, and they’re even relevant. See, I don’t just throw this thing together…

G.I. Joe screen grab courtesy of Christopher

Greatest TV Shows screen grab courtesy of David Tennant

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  1. Yes… woke up with a migraine this morning… combination of scrambled grey matter plus eight hours of computer screen and overhead fluorescent lights… probably pushed it a bit going back to work yesterday so I’m not going in today.

    So is it a sign of my addiction that I’m wearing sunglasses so I can come here and gaze (blearily, yes) at pictures of DT and CE? Why, yes… I think it is! 😀

    Comment by Jacy | January 7, 2011

    • yes I think it might be, lol, but then I do it too. We’re just…..erm…..dedicated, yes that’s the word, dedicated, lol

      Comment by develish1 | January 8, 2011

      • I can go along with dedicated! Sounds better than crazy fangirl obsessed! *lol*

        Comment by Jacy | January 8, 2011

        • well no-one could call either of us that surely? *giggle*

          Have you seen G.I. Joe? I kept saying I wouldn’t watch it, but then hubby put it on one day while I was sitting in the same room with the old laptop, and CE walked on screen and I kinda forgot what I was doing so I gave up, lol

          Comment by develish1 | January 8, 2011

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